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    My One And Only Les Paul...A Question!

    So, as the fellows stated earlier, you have Alnicos. Your guitar came with Alnico 5 magnets, and now you have Alnico 3's. So, what about Alnicos, and magnets in general? Well, since you asked; (Borrowed from Fralin) "A Magnet is any type of material that produces a magnetic field. Elements...
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    My One And Only Les Paul...A Question!

    Here are the specs that I was able to find on your Seymour Duncan Skinner Burst pickups.
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    My One And Only Les Paul...A Question!

    It looks like you have the Gibson Les Paul Standard 2017 T model, and not the HP. It came stock with these pickups, specs below:
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    Did i just ruin a nice guitar?

    Looks fine to me. :)
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    Is this Craigslist Special legit?

    It's just as well. Any time a guitar is posted on craigslist for a ridiculously low price, chances are it was a fake or counterfeit one. :dunno:
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    Gibson & their wacky pickguard choices!

    I'm not a fan of the pickguards on Les Pauls. I only mounted this one on mine because I bought the guitar used, and though I didn't mind that it was battered and dinged-up, one gouge in particular was so ugly it was eye-catching. So I covered it up. :)
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    Let's See Those Classic Antiques

    My 1991 Fender Strat Plus. She's as gorgeous as the day she was first put in the factory case 30 years ago. :)
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    Looking for guidance - 1977 Les Paul Standard

    Fishbeiner, you did really well on that purchase. Fjestad's Blue Book has a 1977 Gibson Les Paul Standard priced at $2,750 in Mint Condition. As others have stated, this one isn't Mint, but it does appear to be in really great shape, and the all-original bits are a huge bonus. If you paid...
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    NGD ...blunted

    I am blessed. My wife wants me to have everything that my heart desires, and I wish the same thing for her. She doesn't mind at all when I buy and sell guitars, and when I tell her to look out for a big box from FedEx, she dutifully waits for the truck, and drags the box in for me. (To keep...
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    Should Gibson bring Les Paul Custom back to Gibson USA line?

    I don't have any strong feelings on this one way or the other. The traditional (production line) Les Paul Custom was never exactly my cup of tea in the first place, and I couldn't ever see myself dropping that kind of coin on either variety of guitar. :confused:
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    Contact cleaner for pots

    And the F-4 for pots that need a liberal application of napalm. :confused:
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    Which Gibson to give Away?

    Give him the slim neck one, by the way. :)
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    Which Gibson to give Away?

    Hang in there, SloMoTX. I'll be praying for you. :confused:
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    I'll never be a shredder./NGD!!

    I'm 61 and have always believed that we are genetically wired for a variety of musical talents. I sing and harmonize really well with my bandmates. I play rhythm guitar very nicely, and I fall into the pocket with the bass player and drummer with wonderful instinct. As far as lead skills, I...
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    Weird things we love about Les Pauls

    When I was in a garage band in the mid-1970's, I had exactly one guitar; An Epiphone acoustic. I was pretty poor, and I had to borrow an electric when we finally performed live, after months of practicing in Danny's garage. That guitar was a Framus, a sort of Strat-shaped thing. When I saved...

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