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    WTB: First electric guitar for nephew ($500)

    Best strat and tele's Ive ever owned were Ibanez
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    WTB: First electric guitar for nephew ($500)

    I have an Ibanez Roadstar II for sale fantastic guitar to start on, and keep Also have an Ibanez ST50 though thats with 24 frets may not be as comfy for him Both MIJ
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    SOLD : Peavey Classic 30 Tweed Tube amp w/Celestion Spkr

    beauty always wanted 1 GLWS
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    The Most Advanced Guitar that Nobody Knows About

    anyone of these is more practical T
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    NOGD 78 Iceman

    I had 1 1 of very few guitars i regret selling The neck was fantastic Mine was an IC200
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    WTB MHD Pickup(s)

    I have a set Not high output More of 8ish as i recall
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    Vintage 1959 Fender Telecaster....Sold!

    the neck date (from the pic) looks like 3-59 also newb question but is it alder or ash?
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    Do I have a Lawsuit Ibby ?

    that should be a model 2350
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    Do I have a Lawsuit Ibby ?

    Thats not a Blazer What are the first 3 characters on the serial number?
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    Do I have a Lawsuit Ibby ?

    Def not a Lawsuit but...... If its a setneck there is decent value in it Looks like the super 70s are intact I have 2 setnecks and they are fantastic gits
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    FS - 1979 Fender Strat

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    Parents are from west coast (Mayo) Still have many relatives there
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    WTB Gibson CS Sparkle Burst

    What No Blue?
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    MIJ Yamaha SF 500 opinions

    PU's look to be maxon made