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    Ric Ocasek, RIP

    ...and she left him last year. Maybe he was depressed?
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    Most Pornography is Absurdly Unrealistic

    Have you been to Thailand? If you've seen it in a movie you can do it there...
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    Went mountain biking, fell off of the mountain

    Glad you seem to be okay other than the scrapes and bruises. I finally had to sell my mountain bike a few years ago. Two times over the bars and then a back flip which crushed my right elbow and I decided to hang it up. My 59 year old body just doesn't heal well... I did buy a really cool...
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    Yes, she CAN dance!

    Oh how I miss wife is going back next month for a visit...maybe I should tag along???
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    Today I dont care about my guitars, any gear ,..........

    Not depressing the way I see it. You've done a great job raising your kids and they are growing up and moving on. Many kids don't do so well and never leave home or leave and come back after failures. My two girls have been gone for quite some time. I missed them when they left, but I was so...
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    Kevin P. Moore October 31, 1954 - October 28, 2018 Age 63, of Pittsburgh, passed away suddenly on October 28, 2018. Kevin is survived by his beloved companion, Linda L. Bierwirth; loving Father of Dylan F. Moore; brother of Thomas Moore. He was preceded in death by his parents, Thomas C. and...
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    I ordered a DNA kit.

    I had one given to me as a gift. results came back pretty much exactly what I already knew. I'm white as rice with most ancestry from England and Germany...
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    What do you kno about this site to buy Les Paul apparel ?

    I won't even wear mine after I'm dead!
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    What do you kno about this site to buy Les Paul apparel ?

    Yep, I got suckered...and it's not even worth a $1.00
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    What do you kno about this site to buy Les Paul apparel ?

    I bought one of their hoodies and it was terrible! It was real thin polyester type material (slick and shiny). Not a nice cotton mix that most decent sweatshirts use...I would not recommend the hoodies and I NEVER wear mine...
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    I know he is dead. I was his friend and I'm the one who started a thread to to tell of his passing after he moved on.
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    I must apologize...I was wrong, it was not Roxy. I decided I should verify and I guess I stuck my foot in my mouth!
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    You are mistaken...she was here during the time kevinpaul was blasted. Ask her yourself. I don't feel like scouring through the old thread.
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    ...I didn't know some people were off limits.