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    Debating "imperfections"

    I LIKE my flaws! I’m on several pages of the DSM-V myself!
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    Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?

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    Bands that I'm un-burnt out on.

    Huey Lewis and The News any iteration of Paul Butterfield
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    Gibson help

    Looks low on the treble side. Any fret buzz? Most bridge studs look like that.
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    HELP NEEDED: Hand Rubbed Stains

    I used to fade stain leather with antiquing. A drop or two an a little piece of sponge, wring it out and rub back and forth a buzzilion times, leaving only a trace. Build up slow. Never did wood.
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    God damn cancer

    We’re survivors. Sometimes we were caretakers on a interminable marathon. Then one day it ended. We echo now, the lives of our loved ones. It’s good there’s guitars, or I would have exploded. And that makes a mess. Ick
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    God damn cancer

    Sorry for your loss. Everyone. Took our middle son, and my wife, in about 4 year span. April 18 2008 & Jan 28 2012. My life ended too. Cancer don’t play fair.
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    Favorite movie scene

    Within this Coen Bros. epic, is a poignant scene where driving through the night, Llewyn gazes down an exit to the town where perhaps his son might be living, which he doesn’t take. Coen Bros perfectly captured my back pages, during the Great Folk Scare of the sixties, though I was in Boston...
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    A Friday thread

    Ah, Newport. Jazz Festival. Folk Festival. And Buddy Mott’s tattoo parlor :slash: All kinds of accents: some slurred.
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    Advice on MTM finish

    I always thought the neighborhood Italian ladies with the lipstick on their teeth were kinda cute!
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    Incoming NAD: 1970 Marshall Dave Friedman/Eddie Van Halen Tribute Amp

    Friedman amps intrigue me. I played a few outdoor R&R gigs with a great player who used a 50w Marshall head of the “right” kind. Pretty awesome tones. I hear Friedman amps are all that?
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    NPD: New Puppy Day

    Nice hand chomp pic. How you liking those needle sharp puppy teeth? o_O
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    Fowl play at Cockfight

    He was WHAT with a chicken?
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    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    The only guitar I ever thought frigid was an ES-347 I had. I’m a Tele guy. I like ‘em crude and trashy (like me). Went through a PRS phase a few years ago and felt like they were neither fish nor foul. They try to be a do-it-all guitar: Fendery and Gibson sounding at the same time, which left...
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    In praise of The New Originals!

    I’d leave it. Makes it unique. If you ever lose yours in a big pile of others it’ll be easier to find. In my experience, you’ll never hear a difference. In fact, when you’re my age, everything sounds equal.

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