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    Best Delay and Reverb for Me

    Interesting. I couldn't get rid of mine fast enough. Just by looking at it the wrong way it would start oscillating. It was also kinda tinny in tone. Mine was really early production, bought and delivered about a month before most North American stores received stock, so maybe mine was a dud?
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    How many versions of fhe big muff have you owned?

    Including a clone or two around a dozen, both old and new. To this day my favorite is the Russian Civil War.
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    It’s become quiet around Fulltone

    I wasn't a fan of his wah, but at the time my baseline was a buddy's vintage Vox. To be fair I wasn't digging on any Wah's made in the 90's to early 00's until Teese and a few others (including Dunlop) upped their game.
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    Weber Speakers

    Mixed results with Weber, but they are always on the list if I'm in need of speakers. Surprisingly, a 10" Alnico Sig sounds best in my Vibro Champ. I tried Jensen RI, Emi and WGS in that amp, but the Sig FTW. It wasn't even close.
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    It’s become quiet around Fulltone

    Slightly different take on this. For some things (see Tremolo thread) I agree it's just gotta work, but I do hear differences with some pedals (Fuzz & OD's) that, as a player, affects my rig, ears, feel, etc. Personally, I don't really care what the audience can and cannot differentiate...
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    NAD Fender ‘63 Vibroverb RI

    The VV reissue was an amp that I should have bought back in the day. I would have eventually found vintage, then again I would have saved a bunch of time and money I wasted on the new junk that was available back then.
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    It’s become quiet around Fulltone

    Odd that the term "cork sniffer" is thrown around this thread when we're talking about a company that for its first 20 years almost exclusively catered to players that personify the term.
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    Best budget tremolo pedal?

    The perceived volume drop with Tremolo is a deal breaker for me, so (for me) a Volume/Boost dial is a must. I've bounced a bunch of Trems on and off my board, from pricey boutiques to bargain basement plastic crap, and a few inbetween. The 4-knob Voodoo Lab has stayed on my board the longest...
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    The lowly old Boss DS-1....

    I really like mine in the right situation. Every player in a certain age demographic should have either a DS-1, MXR Distortion+ or an old Rat, imo. Vintage of course... (player, pedal or preferably both) I've owned the same MIJ DS-1 since (technically) before I started playing 6 string guitar...
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    Tell me about the tweed Double Deluxe

    The ear test is the best, but a gut shot would tell us a lot more, if you’re bothered. See if the seller is willing to pull the cover off?
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    Stand or Floor?

    I prefer the floor, but a stand has its uses.
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    Tell me about the tweed Double Deluxe

    The amp that never was... Builders have a couple different approaches to DD's. Different combinations can easily multiply. The draw for a DD is usually increased headroom and more wattage, but there are a bunch of different "mods" that can alter the tone and feel of the amp. You already have...
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    Tweed Super Build

    This thread made my day. It's the little things...
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    It’s become quiet around Fulltone

    Sure. Pedals are an easy market for "new" product launches. Unfortunately the previous model/version isn't missed until it's discontinued. I like to think modern builders (at least the ones I care about) are doing redesigns for features and tone tweaking. Even if they stray from the original or...
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    It’s become quiet around Fulltone

    Mike can be a little prickly, especially if you volunteer feedback that isn't a fanboy rave. Maybe he's stopped being public facing and is letting the name brand speak for itself? I've owned a few of his offerings and none really did it for me. Too transparent or just lacking something. The...

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