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    What is it like the first time you play a 'burst?

    I've been lucky enough to play several and spend some serious time with a few. I worked in a vintage shop throughout high school and got a chance to play a few that came through the door. I am also the lucky owner of a '55-'59 conversion that is a fantastic guitar. The one thing that always...
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    Selling on Reverb

    Reverb seems to be a bit more civilized then eBay... I am a fan so far.
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    NGD Navigator N-LP 280 Std.

    very very nice
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    Dutchburt - Let's see them!

    Never been a huge darkburst fan but those are awesome...
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    R8 Weight & Tone

    I love a lightweight LP, but I agree, at 8 lbs things start to feel a bit too light... 8.8 lbs tends to be my favorite but the overall balance of the guitar contributes a lot as well.
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    #1 Holy Grail

    I think I'd have to go with Bruce Conte's GT...

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