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    2003 R9 Braz. vs 2019 R9 Braz. What do you choose?

    Here's the only '19 60th '59 Brazilian that is on Reverb --> 2019 60th Anniversary '59 Brazilian Les Paul And here's an '03 with a nice top at Mark's at a good price --> Mark's Guitar Loft I've also had Brazilian LP's from all the years they've been released '03 - '19. They are all great...
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    2003 R9 Braz. vs 2019 R9 Braz. What do you choose?

    According to Gibson it is and they are happy to confirm any serial number for any customer. If the guitar whether it has a brazilian board or not and it was made in 2019 with a 60th COA, then (drum roll)... it is part of 60th Anniversary run.
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    2003 R9 Braz. vs 2019 R9 Braz. What do you choose?

    B Stock? I own one of those limited 2019 60th's '59 Brazilians. I would hardly call the board "b" stock. It's a great looking and sounding guitar. There's a story behind that run and how Gibson built a limited number of them in 2019.
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    Anyone prefer 9.0-9.5 lb Les Pauls over 7.5-8.0 lb?

    Many of the points in this thread are very accurate. I prefer lighter ones as they are more forgiving during long gigs. Acoustically, my lighter R9's (8.2-8.6lbs) seem to ring and resonate much more than my custom shop R9's. Most of my R9's are in the 8.7-8.9. Range. The heavier ones have more...
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    Your 2019 Purchases? Historics Only.

    Curious if they’ll be doing any Brazilians in 2019? The updates plus a Braz board bring yet another inch closer to vintage accuracy, no?
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    60th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard

    Thanks for sharing! Exciting for those in the market for an R9!
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    NGD Goldie

    Congrats and welcome to the Goldie club! Here's my #008:
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    Brazilian Rosewood is great but my 2013 R8 with Indian is as dark as any Brazilian I have seen.

    I have R9's that don't have a Brazilian board that I absolutely love and of course, a few with Brazilian boards that are stellar in their own rite. I think the allure really has more to do with vintage accuracy getting as close to the "magic" of a real Burst than anything else. It's never 100%...
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    NGD: 2017 R9 - might return it

    I actually like the top. I'm not heavily into the red-ish boards but they are also nice and unique. Remember, *most* Bursts weren't monster tops so I think it's very vintage looking. Over time, if you play it, that board will get darker because of your sticky fingers racing around the fretboard...
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    NGD:2018 R9 Brazilian Aged

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    Heartbreak and heartache

    Doesn’t look as bad as I would’ve of thought. Play the crap out of it and make it your own. I think it’s cool you that you set it up to your specs. It’s ready to go to battle now so use it! My 2 cents
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    PSA: I've got the COA for R8 82712

    Found an old COA in my closet for 82712. Happy to send it to the Owner of this beauty I once had.
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    NGD: 2018 R9 Brazilian & 2003 R9 Brazilian

    SA-WEET! Congrats!

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