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    New chickens day

    yesterday my husband and I went to a local farm swap and was given this beautiful black rooster free (I named him Vader) and these lovely cross breed hens that are supposed to be super producers and lay 380 eggs a year ( we are calling them the troops) I have wanted to add chickens to the farm...
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    Slow Down Time

    Yep! It's impossible to remember life before her now. We are in talks about #2 now
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    Slow Down Time

    Now that she's a toddler I enjoy our interactions and watching her learn. I love all of it ❤
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    Slow Down Time

    Willow turned 1 on Monday...the first year flew and I now have a toddler! She is RUNNING full steam, into everything she can reach! She is simply amazing
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    It's a Southern Thing..

    I sub to thier youtube channel, the videos are hilarious. They do one called "bless your rank" and the guy doing it is so entertaining
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    Slow Down Time

    Today marks 11 months and we are almost walking. She cruises great just working on balance. Next month I'll have a toddler
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    Any of you fellas on the keto diet?

    My husband and I are both on keto ... He has been on it for a long time now, and has lost over 120lbs! I started a couple months ago and am losing consistently. It is a fairly simple lifestyle change that has great results. You just really have to watch your protein / fat ratios ...too much...
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    Tell me about your vans / large SUVs

    So I finally decided what I'm doing.... Originally I was going to hold off but over the holiday weekend my sister and her husband came down and they just got a 2018 Toyota Highlander, the platinum edition with all kinds of features and I fell in LOVE it's the perfect size for multiple kids...
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    Slow Down Time

    Thanks! A friend made me this lol
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    Slow Down Time

    We turned 10 months old yesterday
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    Home security systems?

    We have an education fund already. Not really the issue at hand
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    An odd night.

    Time to go get checked out....lot of my patients report this happening before they ended up in the hospital, usually cardiac related.
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    Yikes ....apparently goat is delicious but I don't want to know. I do love goat cheese though. I've had a lot of people ask me already if I'm raising meat goats or if I'm prepared to sell the offspring to people who are going to eat them. I'm not raising a meat breed though so I think the...
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    Home security systems?

    Thanks for the feedback so far We do have cameras that we need to set up that were going around the corners of the property but we haven't set those up yet. I'm also armed with a pistol and a rifle and a doberman but he's a goofball and not the greatest guard dog. My female I had was the GOOD...

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