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    MLP Referral Contest - Win A Set of WB Custom Pickups!

    Will will clarify but he's reffering to specs you may have such as extra hot or vintage tuned sets. If you wanted the neck at 7.30ohm and the bridge at 8.75ohms. Alnico II magnets or Alnico V magnets or even a combination of 2.
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    Let's see your current historic's...

    The ebay one looks much better now that you own it Frank. The R0 is just badass. Congrats on 2 great guitars man!
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    Where do you get the money?

    The Yankees are great! I saw a whole family that was here on vacation.. all had Yankee T-shirts. It was really cool!
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    Your Guitar Hero ?

    Duane Allman, Dickie Betts, Peter Green, Clapton, Derek Trucks and Jeff Beck... Your initial list included some modern stuff. I always thought of you as an old school tone type of guy.
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    Where do you get the money?

    I have no time to entertain silly guys who aren't worth a dime. :wave: Show some respect! lol.:thumb: Your threads just like this are pointless and never have anything educational or constructive to say. you come across less than pleasant and I say good day to you!
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    DEAD MINT ? or RoAdWaRrIoR ?

    Wow great find man!!!
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    Favorite color?

    Here's mine. 59 with a 58 carved neck.
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    A Plea

    Agreed! Sounds like a plan. I'm only here for the love of Pauls as you can see by my posts.
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    Les Paul '58 reissue

    Thanks man I'd love to see photos!! Looking forward to it! :thumb:
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    MLP Referral Contest - Win A Set of WB Custom Pickups!

    Just so we're on the same page, you know I was joking right? Will, feel free to offer SB Prototypes for this contest! Thanks for doing this bud! Folks, Will and I talk at least once a day to check in on what's going on with pickups, orders, etc... He's winding pickups till about 4am...
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    A great tube amp to go with a 335

    +100!!! A few buddies of mine have it and it sounds great. Not my sound because I play with alot of gain but this is spectacular for Blues and the "clean" sound! Wish your pops happy B-day from all of us! :thumb: Oh and don't forget to post the birthday pics with his new toys! that would be...
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    Retro-spec Parts

    So I've been talking to Kim from Vintage Checkout on a weekly basis for a few months already... One awesome guy! But anywayz... He's been working on some accurate vintage repro parts for historics. I thought they looked fantastic and I trust Kim completely so I went ahead and ordered a whole...
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    Your first real axe...

    LOL... mine was a Fender/Squire strat & 15wtt amp set. $150 bucks! lol 6 months to pay it. That was 2001 I believe. Then I traded it for a BC Rich Warlock for $199. I bought that after seeing Zakk Wylde tear it up on stage. I wasn't born rich so I these were my humble beginnings. I...
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    Question for Moderators

    Holygrail can you help me out? anybody?
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    brazilian boards

    Damn Flick that is one GORGEOUS piece of wood!!! Is that yours?? Reminds me of that board that alex has on his 59.

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