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  • Hey Tom - I just got a Facebook message from Matt. He's going to abandon the UKLP site. 60lbs and since it's just you and I that infrequently frequent there - he thought it time. Couldn't argue the point and told him we have a history of killing forums. He asked if I had your facebook page so he could let you know himself.
    Hopefully this little post finds you in good health, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts to educate people on the nuances of the Blues. Thank you for your hard work, Watching my teacher try to explain difficult concepts makes it all the more worthwihle.
    I was looking forward to the way you combine aspects of different scales and still find that "Blues" sound, I take lessons weekly, and my teacher is excellent in trying to convey the way things work, however, I have really enjoyed your presentation and think that there is more there?
    Maybe the solution is to let people ask questions in the forum instead of the original post, as it seems it has lost something in later posts.
    I feel that you probably didn't get to finish or continue because too many questions became a distraction.. or.. uninformative, none the less, I would love it if you continue with your original purpose. I'm an older man fulfilling my dream of playing guitar the way I feel and your course has helped me immensely.
    I apologize for sending this in parts, as it exceeds pm limits..
    Hello Tom! I don't quite know know how to say this without upsetting some people..... But, I have really enjoyed your thread on Blues Guitar Lessons....
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