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    Gibson les paul junior CS reissue 2006 vs 2019

    My CS Junior is from 2009. It’s a 57 VOS type, and it is fantastic. A little heavy, but not crazy heavy, and it sounds and plays as well as a real 57 (I’ve tried out a few). I bought it new for around $2000. The fact that the new ones today cost $3800 boggles my mind. It is a simple guitar. Not...
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    1955 Les Paul Jnr Resto-Mod

    Beautiful work, and the results are just gorgeous. For what it is worth, to my eye, that husk looks like it was an early / mid 60' Melody Maker.
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    Really Wanting To Pull The Trigger On A Bourbon Burst 60's

    Those Bourbon Burst finishes are gorgeous. I would have gotten one if it came in a 50’s neck. But for me, the neck is king. So I bought Heritage Cherry, which is much nicer than I expected. Love the guitar. I’m sure you’ll love your 60’s as well.
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    My incoming 2019 Les Paul Standard '50s

    So as mentioned, I was mistaken about the wiring - it is not 50's wiring. But switching it to 50's wiring would be easy. Not changing anything just now though.
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    My incoming 2019 Les Paul Standard '50s

    I thought I had read that they were 50's wired, but I stand corrected. I hadn't opened her up yet to look. Now, I will have to open her up, and make some changes - I do prefer 50's wiring. Thankfully, since it is all hand wired, the changes will be easy.
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    My incoming 2019 Les Paul Standard '50s

    Yes, 50’s wiring with good pots and caps, and all hand wired.
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    My incoming 2019 Les Paul Standard '50s

    I grabbed one at a local store here in NJ. Heritage Cherry Sunburst is beautiful, 9.11 lbs, .915 at the 1st fret, .975 (or .985 - I have to measure again) at the 12th fret (feels like an R9), sounds and plays great. No issues at all. I am taking it to a jam tonight and band practice tomorrow -...
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    1956 Ltd Ed.

    My 56 Pro has a huge neck. I have only played one Baja, and it had a fat neck for a Tele, but not as fat as the 56. Also, the shoulders on the 56 make it feel even fuller in your hand. The 55 Custom also has a very big neck by the way.
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    NGD: '55 Inspired Custom

    I almost bought one of these. I love fat necks, and P90's. But I already had an Epi 56 Pro. So I brought the 56 pro into the store and played it side by side with the 55 Custom. I had pre-negotiated a trade in deal but wanted to be sure I was trading up since I had to add cash. The 55 had a...
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    Neck profiles..

    As others have indicated, you can't go by specs. You have to play them. They vary a lot. When I bought my PTP, they had 6 of them in a row on the rack. I wrapped my hand around each one, until I got to the wine red one, whose neck was BIG. That one ended up coming home with me. It is D shaped...
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    F'ed up pot

    Yea, exactly. I replaced the pots, caps, switch and jack, and cut off the quick connectors. Except for the post pulling out (yea, me too), the original stuff wasn't so bad, but now, I have the tapers and values I want, and can more easily replace the pickups if I ever want to (and I don't at the...
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    '56 pro neck profile question

    The 56 Pro is chunkier than my older 56 Goldtop (which I no longer have). I really like these Pro guitars, and the ebony 56 Pro at my GC has been calling my name.
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    Upgrading My Epiphone Les Paul Standard

    Your upgrades sound great. I would add that you install a Switchcraft jack and toggle switch while you are doing all of that rewiring. If you have quick connects on your pickups, cut them off and hardwire too.
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    Install Epiphone Pro pickups without quick connects to pots with quick connect

    I have 2 Epi's that originally came with the quick connectors. I replaced pots, caps, jacks and switches, and decided to go without the quick connectors. I prefer the flexibility of being able to replace parts, including pickups, at will, and not having to deal with specialty connectors. As for...
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    Elitist volume pot question

    I can't speak for what is typical in an Elitist as I have never owned one. But I will say that this is the exact arrangement that I favor these days. 500K all around, linear for volume, and audio for tone. If those pots are Asian, and they sort of look like they are, you might have to ream the...

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