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    Great Bands You Only Got to See Once Before They Broke Up.

    Gonna show my age here... The Byrds James Brown and the Famous Flames Chicago with Terry Kath
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    Les Paul Special hardware change.

    I like what you did there. I'm not a fan of chrome hardware either... and the tuner buttons look great! :cheers:
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    Mark Forums Read Link Doesn't Work

    @Alex - thanks for fixing the Mark Forums Read button. But it would nice if it would give you the option of marking the current forum read, or all forums.... like how it used to be.
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    I Filled Out an Application Friday

    I've been retired for almost 3 years now. Honest to God, I've never been happier! Not having to go to work is just the greatest! :cheers2:
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    Please help identifying pickups

    Way to go @DarrellV!!! By the way, I pulled them from my 335 and put in a set of BK Mules. So the L-100s are for sale. They actually sound pretty good for high output pickups... just not my cup-o-tea.
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    Mac Sucks!

    Yup. I spent 35 years in the printing industry. Macs dominate pre-press departments.
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    Mark Forums Read Link Doesn't Work

    Doesn't work on Win10 Chrome or MS Edge either. :(
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    MLP Software Upgrade 03/14/19

    I don't understand why there aren't more complaints about this!
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    Is the Gibson 335/345 The best guitar!?

    A good 335 is hard to beat. Love my '74!
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    What are your plans for the weekend?

    Lots of kids and grand kids coming over Sunday for St. Patricks Day dinner of corned beef, cabbage, mashed potatoes and carrots. My oldest son is supposed to get here an hour early, and we are going to do a 15 or 20 mile road bike ride before dinner. The weather is supposed to be great! STOKED.
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    MLP Software Upgrade 03/14/19

    "Mark Forums Read" button doesn't work... is it just a Chrome browser thing? Edit: just tried MSEdge... same thing.
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    My uncle gave me his '65 SG (long story, lots of photos!)

    Good points! Mine does have a 14 deg. headstock angle... and the H.S. measurements are 3-1/4" at the top, 2-13/16" in the middle, and 3" at the bottom.
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    My uncle gave me his '65 SG (long story, lots of photos!)

    Thanks for the link!!! I've never seen a more comprehensive summary! Excellent job @PermissionToLand. Regarding the headstock on my guitar, I seem to recall reading somewhere that '65s and later were larger in size. Mine looks larger than some of the photos I've seen of '64s, but I realize...
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    My uncle gave me his '65 SG (long story, lots of photos!)

    The research I've done indicates '65 was a transitional year, and the changes were introduced gradually throughout the year. My guitar appears to be a very early '65, as the only difference I could find between it and a '64 to be the larger headstock on my guitar. But I'm certainly no expert on...
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    A Couple Norlin Customs...1974 and 1976

    Very nice!