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    Gibson Slash Guitars as Investments

    Every Slash USA sig sans the Anaconda is in my collection, let me throw my .02 in. Purchased all of them around the time of their respective releases. The 2008 Tobacco Burst purchased for around retail ($2600ish) I see one on Reverb right now for $2800 and one $3197 + over $100 shipping. 2008...
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    Will push pull pots fit?

    I have a JPP push pull set up in my 2012 SG. I ordered the harness from Jonesy Blues, he makes them specifically for SGs. I had a local tech install it. He told me it was tough as hell to squeeze in but it works great.
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    Locking Grover Tuners Upgrade

    Looks great. Thinking about doing this to one of my SGs Quick questions: Did your luthier have to drill new holes? If not, did you have to buy a certain Grover model #? Would like to find some that drop in. Do you notice any neck balance issues after you installed the Grover’s? Thanks
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    FS/FT: Gibson ‘60s P90 Tribute Les Paul • Chambered • Natural • Blondie • 7 lbs

    Really dig your work on this one. Top grain looks killer!
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    2003 Gibson Les Paul Classic Black - SOLD

    Classics Rule Bump
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    FT/FS = BB1 & BB3

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    FT/FS = BB1 & BB3

    Top of the Weekend
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    Need an Alnico 2 neck humbucker, covered, 4 conductor, 50mm spacing

    I have a BB1 - 4 conductor - Uncovered - standard spacing....
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    FT/FS = BB1 & BB3

    Top Dawg