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    Hardcore Music Appreciation

    Negative Approach. let’s talk about your tanning salon?
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    jokes & funnies.

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    Hey F-150 owners, the F-150 EV is officially unveiled. Ford Lightning, here you go.

    the Ranger Raptor is getting a twin turbo V6 ..
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    Did I just buy a custom-shop 80's Burny?

    Welcome to the internet?
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    Hep Identify Old Greco

    1978 LOL yeah Righto champ fuk outta here
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    Burny RSA-100?

    RSA-100 FSA-60
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    Educate me on Edwards 335s

    Yesm I deciphered that somewhat now. Price bump & spec downgrade. Be as harsh as you like I won’t notice nor care Edwards page used to have a drop down of all their old shit. Even at a glance I can see gaps. I wanted one for ages. They look classy feel great but bright as fuck. Should have...
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    Rare Morris Les Paul 70s

    Legend Good for some Napalm Death then?
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    Why a chambered les paul does not cost more than a solid one?

    Make no mistake here there is no chambered old Japanese les Paul’s. multi piece body with a pressed plywood top. That’s not chambered just cheap. Eventually they stopped that but the 70s was ripe with cheapies made like that from everyone
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    Hep Identify Old Greco

    whoever said that’s a 900 is straight talking up shit. Ask for cavity pics before any $ exchange. ‘78 EG900 Never buy a Greco without pickup cavity pics.
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    Educate me on Edwards 335s

    Been a minute so no & fuck knows what they’ve done with prices,specs & model #’s since then. I see the current 180 is only LT now.
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    Educate me on Edwards 335s

    White with ebony board & block inlays is lacquer. White with dots is LT Lacquer taste feels the same as lacquer when your in front of 100w of Marshall under the lights. I wouldn’t get too hung up on it. If it’s got yellow binding it’s one of the lacquer finishes. Yes solid carved tops =...
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    Just finished my Precision Korina V kit.

    Actual Korina or that’s just what they’re calling the 58 style?
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    Mid Seventies Greco any good :-)

    In a nutshell It’s going to be pretty shit. ’79+ only for Greco.

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