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    Blue Oyster Cult: ETI

    It sure was.
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    Blue Oyster Cult: ETI

    I saw them in July at an outdoor concert in New Hampshire. Good times and a great show! The last time I saw them before this was 1975.
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    Intonating With a Peterson HD Strobe Pedal

    I have the clip-on and have always used Sweetened. For acoustics there is an ACU Sweetened setting.
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    What did they do?

    It sounds like it is a good time for you to start learning how to work on your guitar. Most things you would need to have done are not hard at all, it's just learning what to do. There are many people here who are more than willing to help people like you so you can learn. Some people can't do a...
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    Any views on this Gibson branded Japanese counterfit

    I think it would be fun to see it go through a chipper. It actually looks like a counterfeit Epiphone that got a trim on the head stock. Legit Epiphones don't have rounded stop tailpiece bolts. What ever it is it's horrendous.
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    That last step, yeah he missed it. Dad has hip surgery today.

    Great news Olds!
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    That last step, yeah he missed it. Dad has hip surgery today.

    Sorry to hear this Olds. I hope your dad does OK and best wishes to you and your mom. Three months ago my 90 year old mom was in the hospital and was able to get up out of bed in the middle of the night. She fell hit her head and broke her hip. This while in the hospital.
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    Lost It

    That's messed up. Show him this.
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    Opinions wanted on buyer complaint.

    Buyer's remorse. He got a great deal. Tell him if he's unhappy with it he should sell it since you excepted his lowball offer. The guy is being a dick.
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    Guess that broad.

    Is he a broad now? :rofl:
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    Officially homeless, man made fires all across Oregon?

    Damn that sucks, I'm so sorry to hear this spoony. Take care and hang in there as best you can. I am in NJ and don't know what I could do to help but if you can think of anything just let me know.
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    Guess that bard

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    Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe Caribbean Night

    Congrats! That is a nice looking guitar!
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    Calling all Pedo's Netflix got you covered.

    One could only hope.
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    Calling all Pedo's Netflix got you covered.

    This was a CEO that was busted a little over a year ago that they copied the story from. "UPDATE: Saltsman was given a suspended sentence of one to 15 years in prison for each count, but the judge ordered him to spend 210 days in the county jail and a warning." WOW...they should have brought...

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