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    Do plain tops, gold tops really sound better than flame tops?

    Yeah tell that to stradavarius who made his violins from diseased wood and they are the most prized.
  2. 59 Lp

    59 Lp

    Two peice mahogany body with maple cap.
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    59 Lp

    This thread is for the general discussion of the guitar 59 Lp. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. Skip

    converting a 60's slim profile to a 50's profile? Looking for direction

    Nice job I would not of thought that a project like this could work out, but kudos to you well done.
  5. DSC05135.JPG


    Long tenon
  6. DSC06008.JPG


    my favorites
  7. DSC04438.JPG


    starting the LP
  8. DSC05197.JPG


    Pick up mounts made out same wood
  9. DSC05248.JPG


    getting close to finishing up
  10. DSC06010.JPG


    finished with all 59 LP specs
  11. DSC05580.JPG


    Before changing out the pick ups
  12. My hand made 59

    My hand made 59

    Skip's guitars

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