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    Help pick .

    Is the $500 difference worth it? You be the judge:
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    My new custom

    Very smart. That was just too far gone. Pics when you get the new one!
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    My new custom

    Take it back and don't give it another thought. That is terrible.
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    Thread of interesting/unusual tops!

    Sorry, retired teacher here. Yeah, unique and history can not have qualifiers. But, back to Guitar Talk......
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    Thread of interesting/unusual tops!

    "Here is my 2018 R8, very unique and pleasing top to my eye." *Something can not be very unique. Unique means one of a kind, it can not have a qualifier. Something can not be extremely historic. However, fantastic guitar and unique top!
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    New Les Paul. Possible fake pickups? Tampered? Debating returning.

    You got 15% off that? Yeah, that is a win. Keep her, play her, enjoy her and never look back. You do realize that many places are now sold out of that model and won't be getting any in soon.
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    Anyone knows about Les Paul Standard Circuits?

    No, it isn't worth $2000 - maybe more like $1500. If I was you and you liked those years, I would buy a Traditional.
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    Store WITH a great stock of NEW Gibson guitars!!!

    I get a discount every time I've dealt with Sweetwater and feel they are fantastic to deal with. You get your own guy to deal with and if you are looking for something specific, they keep an eye out for you. I just got a killer '20 R9 through SW and got a pretty big discount.
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    2020 slash gibson best color

    November Burst as this may be the most badass top I've ever seen!
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    Sweetwater down to their last in stock Gibson electric guitar

    I just looked at Sweetwater and they have ZERO Gibson USA Les Pauls available and only two Custom Shop Les Pauls. This is nuts! Now all my flipping guitars to pay for my habit seems not so crazy after all. I'm retired and it is my hobby. My wife always tells me she prefers me looking at guitars...
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    POLL: Help me decide! Which LP!

    '16 Trad's were the best year for them. I would pick the '16 Trad, but you can't really go wrong.
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    Sweetwater down to their last in stock Gibson electric guitar

    Very interesting post as my wife bought me a R9 in Dirty Lemon for Christmas. She told me to take care of the details. When I talked to my guy at Sweetwater, he told me it would be a 9 month wait if at all to get a Dirty Lemon R9. He emailed me a couple days later to tell me a guy had backed out...
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    2016 Traditional

    Congrats! Those '16 Trads are mighty fine Les Pauls! Great choice! I have thought about putting the Pearly Gates in mine - how do you like them in the '16 Trad? From my '16 Trad in Honeyburst to yours. Cheers!
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    Gibson USA Slash Anaconda 2018. Affordable R9 in disguise?

    I own a Slash and a '20 R9 and can comment from first hand knowledge. First, I've said many times that the Slash is as close as you can get to a Custom Shop without it being a Custom Shop. Is it worth $500 to upgrade from a Standard? In my opinion, yes. I love mine. Wildwood hand picked it and...

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