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    NPTD (new police truck day)

    Dispatch: Amazon tracking says The charger should be there any time now.
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    some sub stuff

    It could've been a story called "Sub-Mission" about Ringo Starr eating a submarine sammich while listening to Bootsy Collins thru his sub woofer underwater in his Yellow Submarine! MLP gives me unrealistic expectations...
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    Shatner is going to space aboard Bezos’ New Shepard rocket

    Can they please leave him there.
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    Fender Turntable

    Rocking in the nude I'm feeling such a dude It's a rip-off Dancing in the dark With the tramps in the park It's a rip-off Such a rip-off
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    I got too much shit

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    Nice knowing y'all....

    She will hurt you bad!
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    UPS Store - corporate B.S.

    Agree on that. Been an Amex member for nearly 30 years and if I ever have a problem I can't resolve directly, Amex will make sure I don't pay for it. And...on the flip side I have received no charge upgraded hotel rooms, rental cars and even restaurant reservations thanks to Amex. (hope that...
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    Nice knowing y'all....

    My wife had one of those calls the other day. I said, "Really? They issued an arrest warrant and they phoned to tell you about it? So what kinda drugs and how much money are we talking here? Honey since when did you become "El Chapo"?
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    Demi Lovato has made contact with the Aliens

    I'll bet she blew a lot by age 20. look where it got her.
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    Demi Lovato has made contact with the Aliens

    see this is why teaching about contraception needs to begin in like Grade 2.
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    Amanda Knox was on Rogans podcast

    picky picky picky. :p
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    Demi Lovato has made contact with the Aliens

    I don't think it's the drugs. She was nuts before. Who cares really? Why do they give these talentless morons media attention? I was ready to puke when i saw SNL is having Kim Kardashian the porn star-fat ass as a host. Like why? Why continue to play the game with these wastes of human skin...
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    Nice knowing y'all....

    Lately all my crank calls are from some Chinese lady yapping about something. I don't speak Mandarin or Cantonese so I have no idea what she's on about? If some assassin squad is coming to get me, I hope they don't plan on making a mess- my wife will kill them!

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