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    82' LPC Silverburst on craigslist (deal of a lifetime)

    Looks clean, A Blackie or Natural would be gone already
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    Vintage re-fret...without planing ;)

    He did a great job for you, such a nerve shattering ordeal. The rosewood on your guitar looks so special, must sound killer. When I see people pull the old frets out quickly it makes me cringe. Nobody wants a chipped section re-glued.
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    What Are Your Thoughts On my New Speaker Cab

    Don Beautiful work, you are so talented. You need to build an amp called The " Tramp Steamer" after the old Ships people traveled like Leo in the Titanic movie and give it a Steam Punk Design. Would be epic. I like the slanted cab with the top speaker angled up for the player. Really special...
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    MetroAmp kits

    18watt Build Checklist | ValveStorm
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    '76 Les Paul Deluxe wiring

    OP, are the caps the ERO PCB Filled caps or the Ceramic type? To the OP, you joined in 2009 and only have 3 post's. That's like one post every 2 years. Has to be a record. On your Deluxe the PIO Caps are OK, I personally like the Sprague Black Beauty 160P .022/400 or 600v. caps. They are...
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    My 74 Custom - New pics

    Can we see the back of the headstock? The serial number, That looks like one of Buzz's beauties.
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    Fryette Power Station

    Wow, I'm so happy I got mine. I cannot play very much but when I have a few minutes that allows me to play I really enjoy it. When this happens you will see people selling them for 800.00 on ebay, or auction bidding wars.
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    My Black Gibby 1976 3-pup LPC

    I really miss Buzz, so many prayers for Buzz and his family.
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    Red Wine Deluxe 1979 Mint closet queen

    What would be a good price in this condition? Like 2500.00. It's so hard to buy a guitar without playing it first, but this one does look clean. So it's 37 years old, about the same time people started going crazy for the 1958-60 Burst era guitars. The wood is nice and dry, on this Lux add...
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    Red Wine Deluxe 1979 Mint closet queen

    Red Wine Deluxe 1979 Mint closet queen 3500.00 It really looks unplayed. Who got it? eBay item number: 121878337147
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    My Black Gibby 1976 3-pup LPC

    The good news is..... There must be more of the 1976 3-pup Customs in closets all over the world. So keep your eyes peeled.
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    Marshall jmp use a tech or use a specialist?

    Greg is one of the best. Another vote for him.
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    Celestion Blue owners...your opinion

    I forgot to say on the maple Bassman cab, I made the top of the amp the full 11-1/4" and not tapered smaller so the ALNico Blue speaker magnets are away from the tubes
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    help dating celestion

    Go Here to learn about the speakers, Celestion Date Codes & Stamps - Bygone Tones
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    Celestion Blue owners...your opinion

    I don't know how much it weights, maybe 85-90 lbs. It stays in one place in the living room. A road case bottom dolly works good to move it around, fits in a marshall 4x12 road case. I kept the amp the full 11-1/4" wide/deep and it makes killer low end. I had to do some serious math to get the...

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