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    For those seeking more exposure for their brand

    I told him as a disabled one man shop i could build his dream axe.......and he could receive it as soon as oct 2019 Lol So i suggested that i make an inquiry for him.....
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    For those seeking more exposure for their brand

    As a musician and a builder i have only a rudimentary understanding of the whole endorsement thing As i understand,the endorsment generally consists of discounted equipment,and depending on the public stature/success of the endorser,free equipment along with a legal agreement to publicly promote...
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    The finer things... what are your favorite?

    I cannot answer this post because of mlp rules....I think :dunno: ...use your imagination though the truth is rather mundane :cool2:
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    Post your picture. Who are you, lets put faces with names!

    just me and my number 1 and heres 30 years ago...same number 1
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    what does everyone think?

    I think I like it.....I think :cheers2:
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    Salvation Army Explorer

    wow...just wow.....nice score
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    Have you Named your Guitars"

    yes...I name my and cars
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    Freddy's Tele

    like I said on youtube,that is an insanely flamey!!! always,beautiful work Freddy :h5:
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    Who feels like making me an odd-ball silk screen?

    i don't have a clue about Melbourne...but most cities have t-shirt printing shops...they can make your screen right there...good luck :cool:
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    Brand new LP, is this normal?

    the cracked fretboard/neck join equals a returned guitar in my book...
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    Bad times and hard choices

    Chris You have my sincerest condolences I buried my firstborn six years ago at the age of 22 the sun will shine again,sparks will come and go,But time is what this will take best regards to you and yours
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    Korina 1958 project

    :wow: beautiful
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    The lowdown- Show your basses!

    my only bass (at the moment)....epi 5-string NR t-bird
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    I understood it as he was passing on a multi-scale version...not on the build itself :thumb: I like the contrast with the bloodwood!
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    What's Your Fav Solid Color for LP?

    1958 GM Aegean aqua-poly no way a stock Gibson color :naughty:

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