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    Crack in 2 week old standard 60's?

    You missing the other crack.. the one just slightly at the 1 - 2 oclock positing running vertically down the neck. Or that a reflection?
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    Gibson Les Paul Studio

    Congrats! As far as the serial number "checking" out. The serial number might be legit, but the guitar might not be. To me that serial number looks like 02649 It looks like 2009, but not sure if they would have sold it at 2009 or 2010.. Maybe it's 02648 and it's a 2009 model.
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    New LP Traditional or Trad Pro?

    I have both, like both, and would get either or depending if I thought it looked hawt! and plays great.
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    Good Bad and Ugly

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    Les paul over PRS

    Not sure I would do the trade as well. I don't know much about the PRS CE, but the extra 1k with your CE doesn't seem like a good or even fair deal. This is just my opinion. 30 years from now someone is going to post "2020 is woods are consider by many as good wood era".
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    NGD: Les Paul Traditional 2016

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    Correct sn?

    Any serial can look genuine. It was stamped the 122 day of 2005..
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    Traditional Date Stamp Confusion

    From 1977 the Julian date was used up until 2014 through a portion of 2019. Then they went back to the Julian date. There is exception to that as well. Like your classic being the first two numbers are the year. If your s/n; 005465 was using the julian date format, it would have been...
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    Traditional Date Stamp Confusion

    If I recall (someone will correct me if I'm wrong) when Gibson went to this serial numbering. The number following the year is the number of guitars produced. There was a Gibson video explaining this, but I think they have removed it.
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    newbie needs help evaluating LPs

    What aircraft is your Avatar? I'm old and on a 15" screen so i can't really tell,. and btw Welcome ;)
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    2016 LP Traditional Iced Tea - Over 3 Years on the same strings?!

    I've gone 3 years without changing strings. If its good enough for EVH (not really he just likes dirty strings) it's good enough for me. Now I have a log of when I change my guitar strings so I don't sit there and ask myself didn't I just change these strings.
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    Pulled the trigger on a Studio SB... any concerns?

    The serial number you posted it would be an '03. Was that the s/n the seller gave you? Now the seller is saying it's '09..That would be a redflag. Your title is misleading. You state "Pulled Trigger", then proceed to say "Just Purchased" and then said "negative" when someone said too late...
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    I Bought a Les paul Traditional and i kinda regret it...

    The Hype is real! As a player of a '13 traditional which has a huge 50's neck, thicker than my other 50's neck Les Paul. I also own 60's neck Les Pauls. Going from one to the other is the only time I notice it, but for a split seconds. At one time I did prefer 50's neck over the 60's, but...
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    Gibson LP Traditional PRO V

    Really a Chevy to RR, come on! That's like saying removing all the parts from a ESP Eclipse to a Les Paul . A Traditional and a Traditional Pro isn't a "TOTALLY" Different guitar. A Chevy and RR are "totally" different vehicles. Better analogy would have be "F-150 XLT to F-150 Lariat", but...
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    Gibson LP Traditional PRO V

    Love me some hog!! That's is hot!

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