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    Trade Feeler - 2015 Les Paul Traditional Japan

    Jets, Giants, Bills Northeast or Patriots Northeast? What are you looking to trade for?
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    Do you think these defects are too much?

    The binding wouldn't bother me by itself, but the dings in the body. Now the binding issue bothers me and I would either ask for a discount or send it back for another.
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    Best Leather guitar straps?

    I have 12 and purchase 2 for my son for his birthday.
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    Let’s talk “good wood era”

    Not many could tell the difference.
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    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    Overpriced is subjective.
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    Best Polish for Nitro (and Poly?)

    I use towels that is used on the avionics screen of aircraft. For the most part I just wipe it down with the towel being damp with water or diluted white vinegar depending on guitar. Once in a while I use some polish (forget the name)
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    Any Traditional Lovers Here?

    Traditionals are for losers!
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    That's one looker!
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    Gibson Les Paul Traditional question

    There are a few ways to tell if it's laminated. One has been suggested already about removing the nut or it delames. Those who cry is less desirable are the ones who don't mind the laminated body. Les Paul for the most part Mahogany body and Maple/Mahogany etc. Then there the two piece tops...
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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    BFG - Seth Lover / BG P90 '17 Trad Pro - Stock '13 Trad - DiMarzio 36th anni '12 Trad - My winds '13 Studio - My winds '10 Tribute - My minihb and P90 winds '09 Studio - My winds.
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    I'm leaving this Forum.

    Where are you going?
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    I'm leaving this Forum.

    This place has it's cliques. They will let you know when you mess with one of them.. they all jump in. This place was my favorite forum hang out. I attended a few PHL shows back in the day. I left for a while as an active member.After a few Mods with power issues that were part of the...
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    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    I have two Zuul clones (one for each amp) they are the white pedals on the top row on my picture. I think they do a great job.
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    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    Not sure when I posted last, but here is my WIP pedalboard

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