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    Difference in Tone - Slash LP vs 50s Standard LP

    Other than the pickups it's a total crapshoot. I've played a dozen 50's bursts, 3 Derrigs, Gibson reissues, custom builder copies of whatever, R8's & 9's, 1970's & 80's Japanese LP clones and no specific model has a sound you can absolutely pin down - in other words, one "Slash" LP may sound...
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    Tiny "scratch"? on the fretboard binding of my Les Paul

    "it's a tool with moving parts. it's going to get dinged up." ^^^^^ This If you bouight the guitar in 2018...or be a pretty piece of sculpture to put on display, buy a glass front case, hang it on the wall, buff it with Stewmac Preservation or a clay compound (that leave no...

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