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    Paul Kossoff Les Paul For Sale

    Regarding PH. Hamlet Act III Scene II "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." Caveat emptor and ALL of the other archaic words like hell.
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    My 56' Goldtop plays Good Times Bad Times

    Hi All; I lurk here a lot. Thought I would post my bands version of Zeps "Good Times, Bad Times" We are out of Dallas. "home on the grange" Doug (me) on guitar and background vocals. Jared on drums and lead vocals. Ed on bass and background vocals. Curt recording in his awesome studio...
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    Yeah, those broken headstock guitars suck....

    I think breaking the headstock twice really let's the sound bloom, blossom and escape! Sweet shots Greg
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    Never install straplocks again part 2

    Thanks in advance for your purchase!:dude: BTW Lock-It Straps are beautiful. Where else are you going to get a strap lock built into a leather end? that's flexible? and won't damage your guitar? Try it, you'll like it!
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    Best Strap for Les Paul?? Lockit Strap??

    First of all, thanks for the purchase and supporting our dealers! Second, the moving parts i.e. spring and slider etc. have been tested for the last 1 1/2 years in real world settings.....blues clubs and jams 5-6 nights a week with different players as road testers not to mention mechanical...
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    Best Strap for Les Paul?? Lockit Strap??

    Thanks for the order! We just got back from the Arlington Guitar Show and sold out. We are working on dealers in Canada (thank you,counselor!) Trust me, I've had a lot of Grolsch and these are better! We have a 3" now and are working on the leather. We appreciate all of our Canadian Les Paul...
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    Lock-It Straps for yer Les Paul

    Finally! A straplock that fits all guitars. Check out the new LockIt guitar strap. Made in Texas, sold worldwide. Thanks Lock-It Guitar Straps
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    Best Straplocks for Les Paul

    I would try these. Lock-It Guitar Straps:dude:

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