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    What collectible Les Paul should I buy now?

    If I had the cash I would have to seriously consider this!
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    Most " Stars " use plain old normal picks ..whats your take , please join in

    So all this time it’s been the damn pick that’s keeping from being a guitar god!!!
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    2009 LP Studio Raw Power - neck ding

    It’s probably trying to get out of its case to be played!
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    Usa made Epiphone Les Paul?

    Here’s a quick picture of my nephews Epi Spirit all original.
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    Vintage cherry or tv yellow?

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    G12T-75's sound better than V30's

    I like the V30 for the low gain stuff but prefer the G12T for the full on crunch.
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    What amp do you recommend for a Les Paul?

    Fender Bassman!
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    Riffing with a clean P90 tone

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    Need input on this 91 Classic Plus please

    Absolutely love it!
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    Longer wraparound intonation screws for Epi Les Paul Junior

    These may fit.
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    NGD (soon) - 25,5 Inch LP Junior/Special

    Very cool!
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    NGD: 2012 LP Traditional

    Great looking guitar!
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    Would You Enter This Gibson Giveaway?

    Not for me.
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    If you had 2k to spend on an LP, what would YOU buy

    I’d try to find a used Custom shop Special.

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