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    NGD: 2019 Les Paul Standard 50s HCS

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    Am I The Only One?

    I think people like myself who like Epiphone will continue to buy Epiphone. Likewise I will still buy Gibson when I find a deal. While I do like the new headstock, I can't deny it's still not a Gibson.
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    NGD: Gibson Les Paul 50s Standard

    Wowza! Congrats!!
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    My new(used) Les Paul Studio

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    My 89 custom

    She's a beauty.
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    Any "don't do it" before I ship my guitar for a refret?

    How much money can you get out a guitar that needs a refret?
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    Curt Kirkwood Les Paul

    Mike Ness' "Orange County" goldtop is the only sticker laden LP I've ever come to terms with.
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    NGD x2 - Epi LP 60’ Tributes

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    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC

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    NGD 2006 Les Paul Junior '57 Reissue

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    Who Else Likes to Play Unplugged?

    Only during a setup and directly after a string change.
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    NGD - Electric Blue

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    NED (New Elitist Day)