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    Epiphone Joe Pass - MINT with FOAM case.

    well I would trade you even for my like new washburn hb35 with case
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    gibson epiphone

    Thanks everyone, I'm having my doubts about it. But also don't want to pass on it if it's something rare that gibson might have done. When I get pics I'll share and get your input
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    gibson epiphone

    what about the made in usa stamp on headstock? Thinking it's a fake, or could of gibson possibly done something like this with epiphone?
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    gibson epiphone

    well like I said, it doesn't say les paul on it, it's a les paul style epiphone. I'm suppose to be getting the serial # on it. He says the number is odd, kind of like a prototype?
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    gibson epiphone

    A guy is trying to sell me a gibson epiphone les paul. I've only seen pics but he says it says made in usa. He was told sometime from'60's to 80's. It says epiphone on headstock and trussrod cover says gibson. I don't think it says les paul anywhere. Like I said I haven't seen it in person yet...
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    Western Ohio Traders Wanted

    What do you all have? I have an american strat, washburn hb35, bass amps

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