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    What to do with leftover fries

    Leftover fries? That's an urban legend. I've never seen any in person.
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    MY 59 Les Paul (Merged)

    The whole darn picture is taken at a 24° angle from the left. :laugh2:
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    Are these Seymour Duncan pickups?

    Hmm, not sure if they're genuine. All I can say is that I have 3 SD pickups (a set of '59s and an Alnico II Pro neck pickup) and their baseplates have the logo engraved, like this. I don't know if they always have done that, though.
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    les paul standard vs les paul elitist

    Yeah, sexy innit? :cool: That guitar has been played, not babied. Always a good sign, in my humble opinion.
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    Need more help with my LP Custom

    No, that fret leveling kit won't fix your problem unless it's in the hands of a guy who knows how to use it. Yes, Les Pauls are heavy but I've never experienced one that was neck heavy. Now, if we were talking about SGs...those are rather light guitars, but neck heavy as fook. :laugh2:
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    Elitist question

    As far as I know, only the K serial Orvilles had serial number stickers. And yes, the Elites/Elitists were made at the same plants as the Orvilles, just about 14 years after the Orville production started and about 4 years after the Orville production stopped.
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    Elitist question

    You don't need a close-up look to make out the Elitist logo on the back of the headstock. To make out the stamped serial number on a white guitar, however, you sometimes have to get very close.
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    MY 59 Les Paul (Merged)

    And he said that it was on ebay a few years ago. How is anyone here supposed to know what you have or have not seen before in your life? :laugh2:
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    Are Epiphones Completely Solid Bodied?

    Make that 1982 and we're getting somewhere. :laugh2:
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    the term corksniffer

    Meh, I'd rather put that money towards a Tokai and a nice Ceriatone amp. :thumb:
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    MY 59 Les Paul (Merged)

    Mamma Mia, let me go!
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    Stolen 1953 alert!

    Is not.
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    Epi and Gibson headstocks

    Not really.
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    Problem with my Epiphone Les Paul :'((

    What problem? I don't see anything wrong with that fretboard.
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    Bad Company cover

    Love it, but I prefer this video. :thumb:

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