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    Show your Custom!

    ‘82 custom with my ‘66 custom. The Sg I bought about 40 years ago when I was 18, smart kid in hindsight. The ‘82 I’ve had for about four years. It was sitting in a pawnshop window that I walk by on the way to work. They usually just have low end axes but I walked in and scooped immediately...
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    Kijiji find ‘52 Les Paul Up in Ontario.
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    Who loves playing their Les Paul mellow and clean?

    I have an old mxr distortion + that I throw in sometimes, but usually I play “clean”. Like others here, I set my amp at breakpoint and dial it in on the guitar. This may sound twee, but I find effects get in the way of my expression. Suffice to say that there are a ton of good sounds one can...
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    1986 Les Paul Studio

    Nice Les Paul!
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    Epiphone Headstock Theory...

    My feeling is that none of this matters. When I wanted a semi hollow I bought an epi, which is what I could afford. After some intensive setup it played fine. The headstock shape said it was an epi. When I was able, I replaced it with a 335. Same with a guitars colour, I’ve never chosen the...
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    NGD: 1982 Gibson Les Paul Custom in Silver

    Nice custom! I see the winding tuners, very’82. My ‘82 custom has the multi position bridge and is also missing the posilocks (if it ever had them). The colour of mine is called pearl white, quite yellow now, it has a modest amount of sparkle in the finish, does yours? I’ve been trying to...
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    1983 Pearl White Custom

    Just saw this thread. I have a pearl white custom as well, ‘82 in my case. Does yours have the winding tuners? I’m in Canada too. I’d like to know what other special colours they used back then. Welcome to the forum!
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    NAD My first Marshall

    I have several amps, each fills a different need. I have a Traynor half stack that attenuates from 1-5-10-20-40 watts for larger shows. I have a small combo Crate v-15 that gets into Marshall sound territory for smaller bar gigs and I have an 8 watt tube amp for couch playing. I love the...
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    Two customs, different birds.

    I realized a couple of months ago that I own two customs. Hadn’t thought about it before. 1966 SG and 1982 Les Paul. They both have gold hardware and ebony fretboard’s, mother of pearl rectangle inlays that start at the first fret, and the split diamond inlay on the headstock. The TRC says...
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    Manny's Music is No Longer Standing :(

    In 1980 my friends and I were getting drunk one night in the summer in Ottawa. We were 18. Back then we could rent a car for $20.00 because my dad worked for the government so we had a trans am in the driveway. Natch. The conversation started with “ let’s go to Hull “, then Montreal, then nyc! 8...
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    1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom - No Serial #

    This is the case my ‘82 came in. Maybe original?
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    1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom - No Serial #

    For the sake of comparison, I bought my ‘82 custom from a pawn shop about a year and a half ago for cdn $2000.00. Taxes in. That’s about $1500.00 usd. It’s all original and in very good condition. It came in the same kind of case as the op has but I bought a chainsaw case for it anyway.
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    NVGD 81 Custom

    i actually just use a good strap and always have a hand on the guitar. I'm not sure if I would be returning the guitar to original, or, modifying it by installing posilocks. The guitar is very clean as is so I will leave it stock. I'm more of a player than a moder. yes

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