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    The Devil Went Down to Ga for some Metal

    good fo him. Even though I can't stand watching his face, he is a very talented guy and entertaining to boot
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    Thinking of getting a R8

    means you bought it? I sold an R8 recently and got 2.8 k Euros for it
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    Thinking of getting a R8

    where are you located, where is the guitar in question located?
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    WTB: Gibson Custom Shop Historic 58/59 Korina Flying V.

    good luck with this one, they almost never show up. I had 2 of them, one gloss, one Murphy aged. They are wonderful animals
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    WTB: Brown Historic Explorer Case

    that's a Firebird Case and not a CS Explorer one. Different animals
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    haha, I had one of those beasts myself. They can indeed be scary. I gave it to my brother once who was riding 250s. After one lap he returned it to me, saying he will never ever ride it again because it was trying to kill him. That's me around 1982 on the CR 500
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    I met him and his father around 2006 when young, indeed very young Kenny, won a race at my local Club. He shredded way older riders like they were nothing, real good and his talent was outstanding. But his father was a PITA (like most parents of successful children are) chewed off my left ear...
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    Never saw this before ...

    still kicking myself for being too lazy and hesitant on the one that surfaced a few years ago. I could have had it for 2.5 k Euros
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    WTB: Brown Historic Explorer Case

    they look like this
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    Ford Bronco 2021. Count me in

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    Enzo will be turning in his grave!

    gone are all problems changing the timing belt, good
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    don't follow this link
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    Collector's choice - overview or Gibson prints of each one

    there are sales sheets as pdf-files. I have a few of them stored. Can I upload pdf files here?
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    Did anyone get any pics of NEOWISE?

    it is already. I've seen it 5 days ago at 11 pm. But way better the morning before at 3:30 am. I was amazed how good it can be observed with just a regular set of binos. If the sky clears up, I'll drive to the highest elevation around where many hobby astronoms will set up their equipment and...

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