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    Nashville Flooding Again

    ouch..we remember what happened last time
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    Yngwie Malmsteen streaming show

    I think I listened to him once
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    It's Friday!

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    This has got to be a scam

    his company has a 52 blackguard for 2000. Someone doesnt think much of a guitar collectors IQ.
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    Phone app to document sexual consent

    my woman says I dont listen I never had her tell me no and I heard it. she said so herself
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    Would a Prius make me a better musician?

    I have a job where I cant have an opinion or express my own ideas. I have become uncomfortably numb.
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    R6 Goldtop "Roadworn" stamp.

    no. was lookin to buy an R6 goldtop with p 90's and this one popped up from a google search on reverb. didnt pop up on a reverb search go figure...
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    R6 Goldtop "Roadworn" stamp.

    ok guess I didnt look enough and answered me own question .. In the summer of 2006, Gibson moved its Custom Shop to a larger facility. At the end of their move, in conjunction with their annual Gibson “SummerJam”, they held an auction. They auctioned over 100 guitars that were in the old Custom...
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    R6 Goldtop "Roadworn" stamp.

    Whats the "ROADWORN" stamp mean? The seller states it was in 2006 Gibson Auction and doesnt come with A COA bec of the stamping. Can someone please tell me whats this all about?,t_large/v1614217852/whlodwngplwfe7vjdsxm.jpg
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    Les Paul Custom Silverburst fad / bubble?

    I can remember a few of them on the clearance center walls and some orphaned at pawn shops for less than a few hundred bucks. But I am old and can remember Gibson guitars at Sears too :)
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    This is terrible

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    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    Just hanging around
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    Found this at a garage sale.

    looks like we all been trolled. I bet he didnt find that at a garage sale either.
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    Found this at a garage sale.

    looks like custom made furnishing from a brothel..flip em over and wrap it up for sure :)
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    Favorite movie scene

    no favorite movies scenes but NCIS has one of my favorite scenes bec I liked Mike Franks and when Gibbs had to bury his buddy it made me cry too :sadwave:

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