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    My buddies Acoustic Shop has alot of big name Acoustics. Martins, Taylor, Eastman, the list goes on. The only big buck acoustic I liked was a Northwood Dreadnaught. Bigger nut. BIG sound. But at 3400.00 it was just a tad too rich for me atm. I was looking for something between 600.00 and 2...
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    Any Jackson fans out there ?

    I love my SL-3.
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    Kramer Baretta.... real, or unreal?

    Well, from what I can gather, this is possibly a late 84 to late 85 Baretta. Not sure if it`s a Collectable or not. The 84s had the adjustment for the truss rod on the heel of the neck. They switched that to the neck nut area for the 85s it seems.
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    Kramer Baretta.... real, or unreal?

    Heyas all. I`ve got a buddy who has pined for a Kramer Baretta for quite a few years. He finally scores what he thinks is the real deal from a local Player who was thinning out his herd.This Player has supposedly played this guitar for the last 20 to 25 years. And my buddy has seen him quite a...
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    Fractal FM9 Released

    Apparently it`s looking like I JUST made the end of the list of the 1st Run. ;p " Admin [email protected] said: We're closing in on the end of this first phase so we've had to slow down invites to avoid accidentally overselling. Within about a week I think we'll be out of units until we can resupply --...
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    Fractal FM9 Released

    Ok. Last night at 7 PM, UPS Guy delivers the FM9. At 7 it is dark as fox here, and I didn`t think it was coming after 5. Thankfully UPS Guy rang the doorbell. hehhhehhe Well, I unboxed this afternoon and hooked it all up. Everything`s working Spanky. And the FM9 is truly a Beast! Built...
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    Fractal fm3 incoming

    I hope my FM3 finds a good home soon. ;p addendum: Quite surprised. My FM3 sold in 2 days for 900.00 Canadian.
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    Peterson Strobostomp

    I have the StroboStomp HD. But am going to switch it out for the new StroboPLUS HDC. It`ll be alot easier to see due to the screen size. I use mine mainly for Intonation setting. And checking tuning.
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    Fractal FM9 Released

    Finally..... FINALLY! It took getting on the Wait List on August 27th till a day ago to get my Invite to purchase the FM9. And... it will be mine, oh yesssss. ;p Should have it by Wednesday. addendum: Todays the Day. when it comes, I`ll open the box up to make sure it`s working. Then...
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    SD antiquity Texas Hot

    I just had a set of the Antiquity Texas Hots put in. Hope they are at least decent. It`s a tad worrying when there are hardly any reviews. And not 1 review I`ve seen so far anyways shows the Reviewer playing Cleans. Aaaah well. Fingers crossed.
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    Anyone have a newer 58 korina V? Thinking about ordering one.

    I`m not sure what you mean by "newer". The last builds I know of for the Epi 58 Korina V and Explorer, are the Limited Ed. 2016 Korina V and Explorer. I have 1 of each. I can say the stability of both of mine are great. Build quality is very nice. Neck sizes are not 60s thin. But not 50s...
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    Fractal FM9 Released

    I Wait Listed for my FM3. lol But it wasn`t so bad cause I knew I got in on the azzend. But this time I got in on the 1st day. And tbh, I really thought I`d have gotten my Invite and paid for it by now. ;p I mean, the 1st day.
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    Fractal FM9 Released

    Here I was figuring I got lucky joining the FM9 Wait List on the very 1st day. HAH! Wouldn`t you know it, a crapload of peeps just sorta hang out on those Fractal Forums and got the jump on me. I got my FM9 Wait List received message at 4:58 pm. Fractals only up to 1:30 or so on that day so...
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    Aging hardware on the guitar?

    I was going to go the Muriatic Acid method on my nickel hardware. But decided to use PCB Etchant instead.
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    Fractal FM9 Released

    Just waiting for my Invite. ;p

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