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    Trem bridge blunder

    Well, my real problem was the Relic`d neck I bought from mr.g508 on ebay. Really nicely done relic job. But the neck I guess is a Fender Lic. Mexican etc etc etc. Made by WD. For some odd reason, using a Vintage 2 7/32 string spacing vintage bridge wouldn`t work. The high and low E string...
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    Trem bridge blunder

    I bought a Gold Gotoh GE101TS Vintage Trem bridge with a 2 3/16ths string spacing, but just discovered I need a 2 1/16th string spacing. It appears Gotoh doesn`t make the narrower string spacing. Aaaarrggghh I looked at Callahams, they have a vintage bridge with the 2 7/32 mount with a 2...
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    Have any of you guys heard from Frank?

    "it is heart-warming that this virtual corner of the world brings strangers together" Strangers are just Friends you haven`t met yet. ;p
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    A Tale Of 2 Bridges.....

    I mentioned 62 cause that`s what they call that specific bridge apparently. I have seen them designated as 57 to 62 as well. Anyways, I took the plunge on the Gotoh GE101TS. It seems well made. Not a bad price either. The Gold Gotoh GE101TS did arrive. VERY nice quality. Got all the parts I...
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    NGD.... 2016 Epi Limited Ed. Korina 58 V

    hmmm Dunno. Mine has a 1/8th gap between the pickguard and V bridge plate. I looked up original Gibson 58 Korina Vs, and there is anywhere from a 1/8th gap to 1/4 inch. So they seem to vary. The earlier Epi Korina Vs and Explorers seem to have white pickguards. The Epi 2016 Limited Ed. Korina...
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    Amp Modelling Software: Reviews?

    No, it doesn`t require their Interface. I use a Focusrite 2i2. As long as your interface uses ASIO drivers, should be good to go.
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    Amp Modelling Software: Reviews?

    For Desktop I was using the intro price Amplitube 4 with the Boogie Pack. But they just released Amplitube 5, so I got the Max version. Got tired of going to use an Amp in 4, and not having it. lol Tbh, I am liking the new Amplitube 5. I can still use my Legacy stuff from the 4 vers. Great...
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    AXE FX new Firmware in beta, Cygnus, sure looks good.

    Can`t wait to see how Cygnus rocks the FM3.
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    A Tale Of 2 Bridges.....

    I`ll prolly go for the Gotoh tbh. Ya know... I looked hard at the Fender bridges. The color I am choosing is Gold btw. Anyways, the Genuine Fender `62 Reissue Strat Tremelo, and the Fender American 57/62 Vintage Stratocaster Tremelo ALL look pretty much identical. It`s like the ONLY thing...
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    A Tale Of 2 Bridges.....

    Hey all. I`m going to be doing a Partscaster. And I`m looking at 2 bridges. The Genuine Fender `62 Reissue Strat Tremelo. And the Gotoh GE101TS Traditional Vintage Tremelo with Steel Block. Which do you think might be the better choice of these 2? Thx for your time.
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    USA Custom Heavy Relic Strat (Floyd, HSS)

    Is this an Alder body? Thx.
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    Vintage Ibanez ARTIST- The BEST Other Guitar Design Ever made?

    I wanted 1 so bad back in the day. Went to a Jerry Doucette Concert, and Him and his other guitarist were rocking 2 beautiful Artists. Just never got around to snapping 1 up. ;p I think Rik Emmet was using 1 at the time as well. Waaaay back. lol
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    Have any of you guys heard from Frank?

    FrankV got me into both Xitone AND Fractal! Wasn`t it Frank V who got us into the 1st Xitone Group Buy? I`m truly saddened by the news.
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    Epiphone Crestwood Custom (the new ones..)

    My dislike of Scarf joints came about back in the 90s. I was building guitar bodies/necks and doing some Tech work as well in my buddies Shop. You would not believe how many guys brought in scarf jointed necks (scarfs between the 2nd and 5th frets)..... with all kinds of problems. Eventually...
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    Fractal FM3 announced (AX8 replacement/improvement)

    Another thing. The default preset Legacy Cabs choices might not sound the best with a particular Amp. For example, I can`t remember atm what the default preset Legacy Cab pick was for the 010 Brit800.....but I didn`t like it. I went and picked a Cab called ScumTone 112..... and BAMMM! That Amp...

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