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    Coil Tapping issues

    I have a set of epiphone pickups (green, white, red, black, bare) that I am trying to get wired to a push pull for coil tapping, however am not having any success and am seeking some help Does anyone have a photo of a Epi pickups wired to a push pull? Every combo I have tried just respnds with...
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    1971 Les Paul Deluxe Investment?

    **Edit** I think its a different guitar Anyone else find it odd there is binding on the back of the body? Or is that common?
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    FT - 2015 Fender Blackout Strat

    Bump my longshot up
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    FT - 2015 Fender Blackout Strat

    Pics, finally.....these are on par with the crappiest cell phone photos youll see....they do not do the guitar justice. Better photos can be sent upon request
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    FT - 2015 Fender Blackout Strat

    Part of Fenders 10 for 15 run In good shape, a few light surface scratches from playing Comes with original case and all papers (believe I have them somewhere) Original single coils have been replaced with a set of SD Slash humbuckers. DO NOT have original pickups anymore, they have since been...
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    WTB Gibson R8 or 335

    Bump, paychecks are coming in and I am itching for something new
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    WTB Gibson R8 or 335

    Hello again everyone After quite a hiatus after a heavy drinking era, where I nodoubtably deserved that ban, I return to this community in search of my next axe. I recently started work again, and will have a little bit of spending cash to treat myself to something new. So I ask your help. I...
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    Help With a Friend Who ONLY Talks About Himself

    pretty obvious answer
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    I have a qustion.

    but you all are NOT SHORT on stupid lame jokes you put into tags...
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    What do you think of this Greco? computer from China took 2 and a half weeks on 2 day shipping.
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    HOT BRITS is selling his 1969 Les Paul Custom the HOLY GRAIL

    I was gonna chime in and say dont sell this thing, cause your really gonna hate yourself for it...but too late
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    What do you think of this Greco?

    odd...cause when I buy stuff from sellers overseas it takes months. and thats for CDs/DVDs and occasionally a few electronic items ALSO...might have linked the wrong guitar in here...actually I did link the wrong guitar
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    1 million fps Slow Motion video of bullet impacts

    Look up SlowMoGuys on youtube. Lotta sweet stuff in there
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    NGD '82 Greco EG59-45

    god damn dude thats beautiful
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    What do you think of this Greco?

    I tend not to look at listings overseas. I just dont trust buying from Japan, or it getting shipped over here.

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