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    Barre Chord Question

    Thank you for your explanations, they helped.
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    Barre Chord Question

    The C major barre chord (and higher) with the root on the A string, is hard to fret!
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    Barre Chord Question

    I didn't hear the guy in the video say remove the second finger to make it a minor chord. but, I watched it again and I now see he did remove that finger. But in the video, he uses his first finger the barre 3rd fret A string (C), and uses all 4 fingers but calls it a C minor? 6 min 25 seconds...
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    Barre Chord Question

    I hope someone has a simple explanation about this, googling didn't help. Learning the circle of the fifths and I realized my names for barre chords are wrong. I thought a G major barre chord was made with the barre on the G note on the 6th string. Why is it that a G minor barre chord and not a...
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    Wound My First Pickups Today

    Nice work! You're giving me dangerous and brave ideas.
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    "Ping" from Vintage LP's

    Thanks for the honest reply. Whether it's the studs in the wood, bridge, tailpiece, or machine heads, there is some variation in the metallurgy that causes it. The 50's guitars are so articulate. I want to replicate it without dropping $12k or more.
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    "Ping" from Vintage LP's

    Sure, if I had the link. I have not seen it for weeks
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    "Ping" from Vintage LP's

    There's a Gibson YT video that shows Bonamassa inspecting a reissue. Unplugged, the played a chord and the guitar makes a loud distinctive ping sound that he said that the authentic vintage LPs make. Does anyone know which part, or combination, can be changed to achieve this? I realize it's a...
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    Greco chambered?!?

    It makes me think it could have been an employee's guitar (discounted or free to him) and he wanted it lighter.
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    Guitars FS in Japan with 70% Fret life?

    That's great to hear. Thanks
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    Guitars FS in Japan with 70% Fret life?

    I've noticed most of the ads I see for these guitars are described as having 70% or, a close second, 80% fret life. Are they saying to lower expectations to keep returns low? Are the descriptions from the Japanese sellers fairly accurate? I'm not familiar with buying used instruments. What can...
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    NGD... FGN (Not LP)

    Nice guitar! enjoy
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    Need help choosing a new amp

    that was a great review on sound and performance. much appreciated and I'd think it could help others besides me. If you turn it up a little louder you won't be able to hear her complain. But don't take my advice, I'm divorced.
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    Tokai LS58 Custom Order

    what a beautiful top :thumb:

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