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    Possible terrorist attack in the netherlands ...

    Dude you can’t go an hour without posting something about the USA. :rofl:
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    NAD: Blackstar HT1R MKII

    Fedex just dropped this little one off. I was going to get the head, but decided on going with the combo so I could also use it as a little grab and go amp.
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    Pretty sure that gash is being protected by lots of men carrying semi-automatic weapons at this very moment. So yeah, Fuck her.
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    What's with the small print and screen?

    If you are using Safari go into Preferences>Page Zoom and you can change it to whatever you want. I changed mine to 115% and now I can see everything again without squinting.
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    Agile guitar ... now made in Vietnam ??

    I used to have an Agile LP. Played and sounded great, but it weighed 11lbs. Ended up selling it on CL.
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    My reaction score...

    I like bears....
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    My Amazing DNA Test

    My wife has had so much fun with what we learned with mine that she just did one too. She knows who her parents are mainly just to find out where she comes from.
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    Mac Sucks!

    I LOve my MacBook Pro. Have been using Macs for years. First started with them when I was in Desktop Publishing.
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    This forum is harder for me to read

    I just changed my settings in Safari>Preferences>Page Zoom to 115% on this forum only and it is fine now.
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    If Joe Bonamassa Were To Die An Accidental and Untimely Death...

    I like Joe. Front row center and it was awesome!:dude:
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    I think Captain Marvel is going to bomb at the box office

    I'll watch it and her nasty feet when it is on Netflix.
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    Musician's Friend Stupid Deal right now is a LP standard for $1800

    Now that is an awesome deal! :dude: