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    Historic Gibson Faux Bumblebee Caps

    Not read the all posts, but it's worth saying that some manufacturers changed to ceramic tone caps, because they're non-inductive and greatly reduce the risk of RFI or radio interference! Aluminium foil caps are notorious for this. That's why all DC power supply lines in electronic equipment are...
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    P90 Pickups for Wildkat?

    Hi, nice vid, but it's a shame you used a distorted sound, as this masks much of the guitar's natural treble. To hear the real difference, it must be a crystal clean setup. Also the pots are usually 500k Ohms (500,000 Ohms), not 500 Ohms. :)
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    P90 Pickups for Wildkat?

    Total capacitance: The total value of 22,940 mentioned is incorrect. That value assumes the Tone pots is set to full on (least treble) all the time. Usually we all play with the TONE off (max treble), so then only the wiring capacitance affects the tone - 940pf (neck PU). Fitting 'fancy' caps...
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    P90 Pickups for Wildkat?

    Hello Guys, I'm the author of the Wildkat article! Some of you seem to be confused about how well the re-wiring upgrade works... so here's an independent video by US guitarist, Walker Gibson. As far as I know, all the guitar's other components are original factory fitted parts still, inc. the...
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    Wildkat mod question

    The factory wiring produces around 900pf of capacitance on each of the bridge & neck PU circuits... this is dreadful & WILL kill most treble! It's about the same as a 10 metre (32ft) top quality guitar cable before the signal even leaves your guitar!!! You must upgrade the coax wire to some with...
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    Wildkat mod question

    Some Epi P90s are well overwound and bassy! Mine were vintage wind, so sounded fine. But I replaced them with new GFS pu's which came with new plastic covers. They have metric spacing. Here's another useful mod for the Bigsby tuning problems...
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    Bigsby and tuning stability?????

    Sorry to dig up this old post, but thought you'd be interested in this: Cheers.
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    Wildkat mod question

    Hi, Just buy GFS pickups... $33/each last I looked! I tried SD P90s and no tonal improvement. The stock PUs are good but quite microphonic and squeal! They just need wax dipping and you're good to go. You really must do the wiring, or you're wasting your time. You can buy the cable here...
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    [NGD] Wildkat. Bridge pickup doesn't work

    Hi, this is nothing to do with your problem, but I'm trying to spread the word on a fix for the Wildkat's dire tone problems, after fixing my own recently. You can read about it here: You may find that this wiring upgrade will...
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    Wildkat mod question

    Hi, I've just registered to reply to this post. I have a Wildkat and I'm also a qualified electronics techie. Most people say that all the controls on this guitar need replacing, also the PUs. But the main problem is the cheap coax cable used to connect all the controls inside the guitar...

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