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    Dual action truss rod rattle

    Being one who hates following threads that are unresolved I thought I would post an update. I know that pulling the fret board would have been the proper fix but having done that once already (twice actually) I felt that the fret boards wouldn't survive coming off again and would use that as my...
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    Dual action truss rod rattle

    Yes, that is the truss rods I used. I have already had the fret boards off once due to bad clamping and barely managed to save them. before I installed the rods I did try wrapping them with Teflon tape but I did not like how it impeded movement so I took it off. My mistake. It sounds to me that...
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    Dual action truss rod rattle

    So I have been building my first 2 LPs over the last year and I'm at the point where my necks are almost complete and ready to glue in. The only thing left to do there is install the frets. My concern before moving forward is if I should do something now about the truss rod rattle. I used the...
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    Choice of Table Saw

    Highly recommend a saw stop if you can swing it. We have one at work and have had a couple of employees test it out. They work. Quite a well made saw with a decent fence.
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    New Magnum Build. Not Pointy :-)

    Nice job. Turned out awesome.
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    Post Guitars You Built

    Always love seeing your guitars. You do beautiful work. Where do you get your head stock decals from?
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    Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady

    I'm just a novice hack as well. That's why I hang around here in the background just to watch and learn from all the awesome build threads. Looking forward to this one.
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    2 piece necks?

    Thanks for the replies. This is my first attempt at building and it's easy for me to stress out about the details. My neck blank was made from 2 side by side pieces of 8/4 from the same board and were face glued with the grain opposing each other. The blank sat in the shop for about 2 months...
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    2 piece necks?

    Hi all. Been lurking here for a couple years learning as much as I can from the great wealth of knowledge in the Luthier's Corner. I am currently building 2 Les Pauls and I'm at the stage of working on the necks and fret boards. My question is does anybody see a problem with 2pc laminated...
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    Gibson font - full alphabet

    If you are still sending files I'd love a set too.