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    Doug & Pat Are Back

    Yep, they’re back - love these guys Doug & Pat Show
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    True Historics vs Post 2020 Models

    She’s a beaut
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    True Historics vs Post 2020 Models

    In the older historics, they typically had a much darker almost black fb with a different feel to the grain (I’m especially thinking 2005 as an example) - all 3 of the TH line I tried had not so much a lighter fb, but it was more brown & with identical machine marks as the ‘14 regular guitars -...
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    Current spec reissue wiring vs. boutique

    They sound ‘good enough’ certainly no issues with the build quality etc - I’d say that vip pots still has the edge by a fair margin in terms of taper, apart from that, no issues with the build quality etc
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    Kindred Bursts - were original bursts ever this dark?

    Ed king’s dark burst think it looks pretty authentic to me - how does it play ?
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    True Historics vs Post 2020 Models

    Hey Deadgrateful, 1) I had a ‘14 traditional & went to a store here in the uk called guitar village & played a Murphy aged R8 - it was just ‘okay’ - I was amazed at how the fb looked absolutely identical to the one on my trad right down to the grain, not just similar, but ‘identical’ . A few...
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    True Historics vs Post 2020 Models

    I’ve played literally ‘loads’ from all years as I came into les Paul’s around 2014 - True Historics are truly amazing, but the 2019 models are definitely a cut above, I’d call it ‘consistency’ they’re all really great guitars - (I sound biased) but, my 2020 R8 is all over the 2015 th 1959 I...
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    R8 neck thickness through the years?

    (I’ve played loads !) - ‘generally’ up to 2012 they’re quite big, then start getting slimmer 2014 on - my 2020 R8 I’d say is probably more towards a 59 (still slightly bigger) & nowhere near as big as a ‘real’ early 58 neck which is just a fat round c shape - I’d say 2005-2007 where the big neck...
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    Is it possible to take a photo of the cavity and post it on here ?
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    DImarzio 500K Custom Taper EP1201 << VS >> VIPots

    I’m running the vip pots & I’ve had/have the mssc harnesses - I really like the taper & feel on the vip, but I’ve only had them a few months so can’t comment on quality
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    Original P.A.F

    The neck sounds deep, but also incredibly clear with a slightly soft attack to the start of the note. The bridge always seems to have this fat, bright, cutting vocal thing going on. With the repro’s (& they’re all great just flavours of) they seem to get a lot of the aspects right, but never...
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    Why do the majority of new Custom Shop LP reisues have poorly fitting pickguards?

    no poorly fitting pick guard here(2019), but yeah, a small gap around the neck is vintage accurate
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    Question about 2020 '58 model with '59 neck

    just buy it already- lol - great spec - the historic necks are more rounded than the regular production guitars you won’t need to worry
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    How do the new True Historic parts and plastics compare to reproductions from other companies?

    Things that aren’t 100% correct: the tuner buttons The switch tip Pickup covers M69 rings Abr1 (although it’s acceptable) Thumbwheels (particularly bad) Scratchplate they’re all acceptable tho poker chip looks pretty good Volume/tone knobs are very good tbh it’s all ‘acceptable’ especially...

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