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    PSA: DOD 250 Reissue Sale $45

    Sadly it's back to $150
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    Video demos for pedals

    Yep but by exception, extended talk by Wampler, JHS, That Pedal Show, Pete Thorn, the 2 old dudes that are higher than kites and go back in time, the Captain ... that's all cool b/c ... they are YouTube Pedal Showmen after all
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    Vemuram Jan Ray with humbuckers

    Cool, very cool. Having something really dependable. Playing becomes fun then.
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    New Pedalboard Build -- Update: Complete

    Well, if you have a cnc then what about if you made the pedal mounting surface to resemble a guitar neck? And the sides to resemble lion's paws? That'd be cool.
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    Best Way to Purchase New Les Paul

    Guitar Center stores vary. Some can or will deal and it seems others don't. This is just my opinion but could be any number of factors factoring in. I'm glad this story has a happy ending!
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    Another Interesting New Guitar Day - Opinions?

    Interesting & lol, might as well a long time ago I bought then sold my deluxe deluxe for profit... was such a special guitar it haunted me for years.
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    Custom Shop Les Pauls With Bad Neck Profiles

    2015 was a high water mark for Gibson releasing new tech features. Many people were not fans. Me, I pretty much am a fan of them all but that's just how I see Gibson product advancements ideas.
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    Anybody attach pedals to their pedalboard without using Velcro?

    Painters tape on the back of the pedal, then Velcro to the tape. Semi perm Velcro!
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    Anyone used Mooer pedals, especially the Noise Killer..

    I have the yellow mooer compressor. Not much of a funk monster but it's quiet and sustains plus has tone/volume controls.
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    Delay Pedal, what do you guys like?

    TC Electronics Flashback works well enough for me, but I'd like to have one of the Electro-Harmonix Memory Mans
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    Help building this pedal?

    Buy a pedal kit with instructions. That's what I'd do as a solid first step.
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    Any Wah pedals that don't require 9v power?

    There's a recent thread that touches on some of the aspects your question raises. It's called "Klon/Volume Hybrid?"
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    Your oldest pedal?

    I hesitate before posting this as there are some really entertaining threads going, but what's the oldest pedal you have, working or not? I'll set the bar low by starting with my custom DoD 270 A-B switch pedal from the 70's... someone added led lights, which is great except for the huge...
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    GHS Burnished Nickel Rockers

    ghs burnished nickel rockers are good strings!
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    Best distortion pedal for an acoustic guitar?

    I heard he sometimes used home stereo speakers too...

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