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    FS: (EU) 50s Style Wiring Harness w Gibson Historic Pots + K40Y-9 PIOs

    Hello, after soldering some new pots and caps into my R8 and ES 335 I had some parts left over so I decided to solder a 50s wiring harness. It consists of 4 Gibson Historic Spec Pots (the ones with the Centralab taper) in matched pairs (3% tolerance -> NV 524k NT 517k BV 498k BT 484k) and 2...
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    Gibson Historic Spec Pots Data

    This is my first post so hello everybody! A few days ago I ordered a bunch of 500k Gibson Historic Spec pots and measured them. I think there will be a few people who are interested in the data to see in which tolerance they are produced, so here it is: 417 426 427 430 432 434 437...

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