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    buying defected Les Pauls from the Gibson Factory.

    They hit the wood chipper......(or Guitar Center)
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    NGD- 1974 Anniversary Custom with issues.

    The finish is original. That my friend is a 46 year old guitar. Here is mine..... I think you got a steal. Do a proper set-up and play the S out of it.
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    "Rhoads" hanging out with a couple of friends

    NICE! My 74' is a little more weathered :dude:
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    NGD: 1974 LP Custom RI

    Sweet guitar. I have a real 74 in white and thought about getting one of these as well. I don't take the 74 out of the house anymore.
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    Is Gibson deliberately playing with us?

    They are in serious trouble. Can't pay the interest due on debt and down-graded credit means no restructure or new bonds. However, the new and used market is saturated with Gibsons so unless people want to be come collectors or there is a new generation of guitar players coming that all...
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    Why Do YOU Like Norlins?

    Need I say more...'
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    Anyone ever had/played a LP Custom that was mediocre or just ok???

    I have a 74 LPC, 78 LPC, 83 LPC, 89 LPC Triple, 96 LPC AF. All have their own personality but I dig them all. I had an 04 (first year officially called "custom shop") but let It go. If I was looking for another LPC, to make my search easier, I would focus on 1990-1996. But that is just one...
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    Gibson ‘running out of time — rapidly’

    Can't say I am surprised.
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    Dean "Gold/White" V Metamorphosis

    This Dean is long gone. The only Dean left in the stable is a USA made ML "Time Capsule". It is a fine guitar!
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    SOLD -2007 R9 For Sale

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    SOLD -2007 R9 For Sale

    $3400 Shipped PP gift. Hate to let this one go so cheap.
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    WTB - Gibson SG - White

    Well there goes that! I have a 90's white triple pick up "Les Paul Custom" SG i might part with.

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