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    Horay new headstock release

    Damn...this and a Tribute could be in order like I need more...they just keep lowering prices
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    Post Your Pedal Board Order

    Firing Order: Tuner Dyna comp LPB-1 Maxon OD 6 band EQ Micro Chorus Carbon copy Ditto looper
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    epiphone top model

    Like I need another guitar, but Damn when you start GASsing it just gets to feel a starving or craving that requires attention. This or a Mojave Fade DC ... what's next
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    epiphone top model

    That is a fact no doubt about it.
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    NGD ( used) it’s got issues.

    Guitar Center sold you that? Dang. I had a Gretsch Pro jet I tried to trade a decade ago and they were all freaked out that there was a trace of a hairline crack under the nut. Barely half an inch. bunch o' Thieves! Send it back and Demand an Apology. Shame on Them!!
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    One offs or rarest Epiphone LP'S?

    It's probably just me, but I've always thought my 100th Anniversary Les Paul, Natural without a veneer covering the back was a mistake, one off, or just a lucky day.
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    Epiphone Les Paul Muse Electric Guitar / Les Paul Classic Worn Electric Guitar

    I'm more interested in Epiphone SG Classic Worn Electric Guitar, SG Mahogany Body, 24.75" Scale 60s SlimTaper Mahogany Neck w/ Indian Laurel Fingerboard, P-90 PRO Soapbar Bridge & Neck Pickups, LockTone ABR Bridge w/ Stopbar Tailpiece
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    Epiphone Les Paul Muse Electric Guitar / Les Paul Classic Worn Electric Guitar

    Epiphone Les Paul Muse Electric Guitar, Chambered Lightweight Body, 24.75" Scale Okoume Neck with Indian Laurel Fingerboard, Ceramic Plus Humbuckers with Coil-Splitting and Phase Switch, Grover Tuners Epiphone Les...
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    Good source for a 90s Korean Les Paul Truss Cover

    Sorry, can't say I do.
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    Won't stay tuned. . . .

    I appreciate everyone's input. It's a stock nut, Graphite in the slots, Seems to have enough space but binds a bit. This whole situation is a bit strange really. I believe the majority. I will take care of it by returning to the shop for a minute to talk about the nut and a possible change to...
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    Won't stay tuned. . . .

    It's been worked on more than once. I do think the nut is an issue, and if I had access to a PLEK machine I'm more than certain I could find the solution, but no where in town does any of the shops offer that work. I certainly need the nut, first 3-4 frets looked at, and the Wacky tuners. If...
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    Won't stay tuned. . . .

    My 2017 Les Paul Tribute with Locking Grover tuners ....they slip, always having trouble with them... are in need of replacements. I've got my eye on a set of Wilkinson tuners with Imperial buttons, look great, same footprint, but unsure of the size thing and are they direct fit? Look...
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    NGD: Epiphone “Lzzy Hale” Explorer

    Nice! Does it have the Loc-Tone 'Nashville' style bridge with no wire? looks like it maybe.
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    Bjorn with G.A.S.

    Man this thing is Unbelievable. I like it alot It's even got an upgraded bridge (no wire) that I didn't expect, tuned it up and it just Sings, Rings and Growls. Not in any dire rush to set it up, it seems set up already. Jotun-Believable!! It was on sale too. That's a real head scratcher for me...
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    Bjorn with G.A.S.

    Crack That Wind !! It's just not possible for me to ignore a sale. A price tag suggesting a $300 discount on the bottle opener I've been watching for a couple of years that's attached to a guitar. Jotun ...I don't Need another guitar. Pull the Trigger yay yow!!

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