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    Ultra modern weight relief x resonance

    I have had several LP's, including one of the "chambered" ones. I sold the chambered because it lacked the punch of the others (which had the swiss-cheese holes). Coincidence? Mabye.
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    Why are skinny necks considered "faster"

    Excellent question! I have often wondered the same thing - why the "faster" neck claims? Once I discovered LP's and the '50's neck profile there was no going back for me. I find the thicker neck profile much more comfortable, and there's no change in how easy/difficult, fast/slow my playing...
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    Wow, that's a beauty! I hope it finds a good home.
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    Gibby Pawnshop Score!!!

    Beauty! Congrats on the score!
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    2006 Les Paul R8 Tobacco burst

    Still available?
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    PRS SE - Cash Back Worked!

    I haven't seen the Ebay banner (with percentage off) on the search in a couple of weeks. Is it over?
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    Looking for figured Vintage Sunburst LP Standard or Custom

    Asking $1900 for the upgraded GOTW LP.
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    Looking for figured Vintage Sunburst LP Standard or Custom

    I have a GOTW #34 I am thinking of selling. It has some serious upgrades, too: PLEK fret adjustment/dressing (big improvement over the factory job) and full pro set-up, RS upgrade electronics assembly (calibrated CTS pots, Hoveland caps), a new set of Grover Rotomatic tuners professionally...
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    WTB Gibson Les Paul Standard

    I have one that's for sale. The sale price is above your price range, but you might find that the added upgrades are worth it. Here's the link; FDP - Classifieds I can put the stock tuners back in and adjust the price for the change, if you want to do that. Thanks
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    Jazz III's

    Another Jazz III user. I buy 'em in red, so I can see them better if they drop on the floor :shock:
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    WTB: Heritage H-150

    Looking for Heritage H-150 in excellent condition. PM or email:[email protected] Thanks!
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    2007 Les Paul - Major Upgrades: PLEK, RS Kit, Grovers, Pro Set-up

    The sale fell through, guitar is still available.

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