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    The Kemper Profiler Thread

    Have you guys tried to new spring reverb in the beta Firmware? It only fits certain genres but it sounds pretty awesome I think. Combined it with a rockerverb profile and got some great dirty blues tones
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    NGD - Jackson Soloist SL2H

    2010ish. This thing screams! Been using it for high gain stuff. So far so good
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    The video game thread.

    I’ve been playing Mad Max. It was a free game with PS Plus a few months ago. Has it’s flaws but the vehicular combat is incredibly fun and satisfying. The atmosphere and environment is great if you like the movies. Fury Road is one of my favorite films of the past several years and the Road...
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    The video game thread.

    Nice -I played about 30 mins of the demo but can’t decide if it’s for me or not. Let me know what you think after a couple hours
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    The Kemper - is it the ultimate cure for GAS?

    Kemper just released a Beta that has a new and improved spring reverb effect. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but it’s getting rave reviews on the Kemper forum
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    Thinking of making the switch to Kemper

    My Kemper Toaster is the best peice of gear I’ve ever bought. Kemper / Axe / Helix are game changing
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    MF stupid deal of the day - Gibson LP Studio HP Not sure how good of a deal this truly is but saw this on the MF stupid deal of day.
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    Who's Who in Modeling.

    I have a Kemper Profiler Toaster (unpowered) and a Mooer GE200
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    SIM 1 Guitar Profiler

    That’s pretty wild. Basically a Kemper for guitars.
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    Best SciFi Movie of All Time

    Blade Runner (both original and recent sequel) Matrix 1 2001 Honorable mentions: Sunshine Interstellar Ex Machina
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    Guitar Center Faces Bankruptcy

    For every knowledgeable person still grinding it out at GC there’s probably 10-15 high schoolers/college age kids just needing cash. I have to imagine it’s a brutal place to work these days
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    Guitar Center Faces Bankruptcy

    Used to love going to GC when I was in high school. Seemed like a magical place. Now I get anxiety walking in there because the experience is so poor. It takes 15 minutes to buy a cable with all the $hit they need to do to ring something up. Did something change in 20 years? It really is shame...
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    Researching Kemper(or possibly Fractal)

    There are a huge amount of useful posts in this forum covering the topic. You’re in the right place there’s some knowledgeable players here. I got an unpowered Kemper toaster recently and could not be happier with it. Whichever direction you go, amp modeling is the answer. Interested to see what...
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    The Kemper - is it the ultimate cure for GAS?

    What profiles are you folks using these days? Anything new? Was just using the 3P BF TIM ED KING profile @NotScott suggested with my Strat and it’s juicy. Such nice twang with the single coils I highly suggest grabbing that. With my LP I’m using the built in Rockerverb profiles this week for a...
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    Need a Frank Zappa primer