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    DSL 40C Issue, Help Appreciated

    Thanks a lot.
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    DSL 40C Issue, Help Appreciated

    Well the workhorse DSL40 has finally had its first injury. Starting a few weeks ago, I noticed the volume would drop out on the normal channel every now and again, like to whisper quiet (but still audible). Now, the normal channel, even with the master cranked, has gotten where...
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    Joyo vs Real deal... can you tell?

    Ive had one Joyo, the voodoo octave. It was a good pedal, but it didn't quite get what I was looking for. The octane was a little too prominent. Now I'm a real cork sniffer when it comes to fuzz, so it probably would be a great knock off Octavia. But for me, it didn't cut it.
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    The coolest idea for a fuzz pedal I've seen

    I'm curious to see how this sounds. I changed the input cap on mine because stock it was just a little too thin. Right now the Astro Tone is where it used to be on my board.
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    The disgusting "woman tone"...

    Woman tone makes the upper octave more prominent through Shinei FY-6 circuit. Not sure what that has to do with anything but there ya go.
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    Curley Cords

    I don't want to sound like a jackass, so I'll just say, in my personal experience the difference isnt huge. It's probably on the subtlety/debatability :laugh2: level of Paper in Oil capacitors or some thing like that. I think I can hear something, but that is totally just me, I'll gladly rock...
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    Curley Cords

    Lava Cable Retro Coil. In red. Nothing says rock like the old telephone cord!
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    Want to start building clones to sell...

    Yeah I definitely researched the Klon. Apparently the guy goops his circuits to prevent copies, and he claims that no one can make a clone sound as good as his. I will probably do some sort of overdrive later. I love fuzz, yet I've never even played through a Fuzz Face. The CE-2 is a very...
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    Want to start building clones to sell...

    What's the best way to cut traces in Vero? Some sites say razor blades, others say that their is a particular tool for that.
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    Looking for special OD - again

    Shin-Ei FY-2?
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    Want to start building clones to sell...

    By all means, that's why I posted here, for invaluable stuff like this. Iv'e already been given so many useful ideas, things to think about. Hoping to get started with a Fuzz Face kit next week, I'm determined to make it perfect. On another note, is vero board usually better than perfboard...
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    Your #1 favorite pedal brand/builder

    Earthquaker Devices, then probably Electo-Harmonix
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    Want to start building clones to sell...

    I have been an industrial electrician since I was 17, working away from home, but making decent money. Now that I'm in college, I'm tied down to this local area, and the search for work has not went super well. I honestly want to make it on my own, without having to ask my parents for help. I...
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    Want to start building clones to sell...

    Tweaker do you have a company or do you build for personal use?
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    Want to start building clones to sell...

    Let me reiterate, that last post was hasty. If I assemble a kit, I could offer say a year warranty, for any defect that is not caused by the user. Does that seem reasonable? I've obviously never sold pedals before. Hopefully I can get to the point where I'm putting my own circuits on vero, I...

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