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    NGD Gibson Les Paul Classic

    Nice guitar, congrats!
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    Gibson 61r 61t pickup set

    '57s are less aggressive than any of the Burstbuckers, including the '61 pickups, they might be exactly what you are looking for.
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    61R 61T

    Got them in my 2018 SG with the "awful" PCB and haven't touched any of it, killer sounding pickups in a great guitar!
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    Burstbucker 1 & 2 Pickup Heights For Middle Position Tone

    Jimmy Page didn't have any of the wiring mods done to his Les Pauls until well after Led Zeppelin had disbanded. If you're using The Ocean as an example... Keep the burstbucker in the neck and put a t-top (or a replica of one) in the bridge. That is exactly that sound. Also, keep in mind that...
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    Trying to learn more about the Gibson PCB I picked up yesterday

    Worst case, cut the connectors off of the pickups and ditch the PCB, then wire the guitar up the traditional way. The bonus to this is that the guitar will be much easier to service in the future. (Please note, I am not crapping on the PCB, my 2018 SG has one and it's an amazing guitar)
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    Let's Go Back in Time 60 Years

    1959 ES-355, like the on Keith Richards has.
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    2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's - Dimazrio PAF 59

    I don't know about guitar-changing, but I like the PAF 59's more than any of DiMarzio's other pickup offerings. The 36th anniversaries were nice but these new pickups are definitely a cut above. I agree that DIMarzio didn't do nearly as well with marketing them as they did with the 36th...
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    Cleaning up the mud on a 490R

    I will defer to your expertise here although my personal experience is that my modded 490R sounded almost exactly like my two late-model T-Tops. That being said, you have a much larger sample base and a lot more experience with pickups than I do so I will absolutely take your word on this.
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    Cleaning up the mud on a 490R

    By all accounts, a 490R pickup is almost identical to a T-Top, the biggest difference is the magnet and wax potting. The wind,wire, and output are identical between the two. There are numerous discussions here on the topic. A few years back there was actually a lot of folks looking for used 490s...
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    Awesome '57 Classic Magnet Swaps

    I have always liked the 57 classic pickups, even the newer models. I do think that if you don't have 500k pots they are very disappointing. That being said, the newer Burstbuckers (post -2012 or so), the '59/'61 Humbuckers, and the Custombuckers are the best pickups Gibson makes IMO. They...
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    Cleaning up the mud on a 490R

    My favorite mod for a 490R is putting a shot A5 magnet into it to turn it into a T-Top, not need for 1k pots or fancy capacitors then! ;)
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    PICS added! NO Self Control (19' Standard Bourbon 60s)

    Looks great, congrats on the new guitar!!!
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    NGD: 2019 Original Collection Les Paul 60s Standard Unburst

    Man, that's a sweet guitar! The more I see of these new 2019 models the more I want one! Congrats!!!
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    NGD - Part II It’s In My Hands Now

    Looks great, congrats again!!!
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    NGD - I’ve Landed My “White Whale!”

    Awesome guitar; I love the Ace models! Congrats on the new guitar; may you enjoy it for years to come!

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