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    PICS added! NO Self Control (19' Standard Bourbon 60s)

    Looks great, congrats on the new guitar!!!
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    NGD: 2019 Original Collection Les Paul 60s Standard Unburst

    Man, that's a sweet guitar! The more I see of these new 2019 models the more I want one! Congrats!!!
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    NGD - Part II It’s In My Hands Now

    Looks great, congrats again!!!
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    NGD - I’ve Landed My “White Whale!”

    Awesome guitar; I love the Ace models! Congrats on the new guitar; may you enjoy it for years to come!
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    Should I change out my '57 Classics?

    For what it's worth, my Traditional came with '57 Classics. I tried some '59 humbuckers in it (The Gibson 59's, not Duncan) as well as a Burstbucker 3 and an original T-Top in the bridge at one point... the Original 57's are back in the guitar. I really liked the other pickups but I realized...
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    The Official Centre Fold Spread~Oh~licious Drool~Oh~rama Photo Thread

    Not exactly a Les Paul shaped but here are my two ESP Eclipses...
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    Gibson 61r 61t pickup set

    Definitely sounds like there is something wrong with the pickup and/or wiring. You said when you swapped the bridge/neck pickups the same pickup still did that so it sounds like the pickup is faulty. An easy way to tell would be with a multi-meter, it should measure in the 7.5k range with that...
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    Gibson 61r 61t pickup set

    Part of what you are describing is the SG itself, they generally have more midrange and are more punchy than a Les Paul. That being said, the '61 humbuckers with their Alnico V magnets are typically going to have more punch than the '57 Classics with their Alnico II magnets. The '57 Classics...
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    Custom Buckers vs Custom Buckers

    You might be onto something; I've heard a few people say that they like the newer Burstbuckers (2012 and later) way better than the older ones and a lot of people also say that older '57 Classics sound much better than newer ones. I can't say that I have tried enough of either to make a...
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    Custom Buckers vs Custom Buckers

    So, in other words, the Custombuckers, '59 tributes and '61 humbuckers could be the same or very similar pickups with different magnets...
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    What’s your favorite P90 brand?

    Lindy Fralin, and not just because he's in my hometown and I can go by the shop. Best P90s I've heard apart from 50's Gibson.
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    Gibson 61r 61t pickup set

    Have them in a 2018 SG Standard... I love them. I would describe them as essentially a very aggressive Burstbucker 1/2 combo. They aren't harsh but they definitely push the amp more than standard Burstbuckers or '57 Classics, especially in the SG. They clean up very well when rolling the volume...
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    That went fast...update NGD: 2018 ES-335 Dot

    Congrats on the NGD, that sure is a great looking 335! Glad to hear it sounds as good as it looks!
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    NGD - One I didn't think I'd ever own...

    Congrats on the new guitar! Looks great and always nice to see a beat up guitar get a new life!
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    NGTD: Killer 2017 Les Paul Standard HCB

    Wow, that's one gorgeous guitar. Congrats in the NGD! P.S. Love the Ace avatar