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    oripure polepieces alnico p90 not bar alnico

    I can't speak for other makers, but Lindy Fralin makes an alnico polepiece P90 that is simply incredible and it makes one heck of a neck pickup for a special or deluxe.
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    Creamtone Issues

    Update on mine... It took 33 days to get my pickguard and it arrived without a tracking update... That being said, once it arrived, the quality was great as always.
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    Congrats on the new guitar! I completely understand the desire and willingness to "overpay" for the right guitar. I payed just under 4k for my '84 Custom that I recently obtained and some would call that high but I specifically wanted a black Custom made in my birth year and under 10 lbs...
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    Creamtone Issues

    Since I know some folks are watching this thread... I ordered just a standard Les Paul pickguard on February 24th and it has yet to ship. I have not emailed Lonnie yet but if you are considering ordering from him you will be in for a long wait.
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    Tuning Issues

    Unpopular opinion: It's you. That's normally the answer. The headstock angle has nothing to do with it. The nut was probably cut for a lighter gauge of strings than you use. I have 4 Les Pauls, an ES-335, and an SG and I have zero issues with them. If I had one that had some issues, I would...
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    '57 Classics ???

    Haha yeah, I was just trying to show the OP what different '57 Classics could look like. I don't know much about old vs new but I know that the first two of mine (pictured) were circa 1995 and they sound different than the others I have tried.
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    '57 Classics ???

    For what it's worth, here are a few pictures of my pickups that may help you. The first two are mid-90s '57 classics and the third is a modern '57 classic. That will give you an idea of the differences.
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    Sweetwater down to their last in stock Gibson electric guitar

    Haha, that was a couple months back and Sweetwater just got to resupply of Gibson stuff so right now isn't the time since they can be had at MSRP again.
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    Sweetwater down to their last in stock Gibson electric guitar

    I was looking at reflector knobs a couple months ago and that was the price range on eBay and reverb for a new in package set of Gibson knobs. I ended up just sticking with speed knobs not because of the price but I decided not to change the hardware on the guitar. That being said I certainly...
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    Sweetwater down to their last in stock Gibson electric guitar

    It's the same in almost every industry right now... a ton of demand and no supply. People on Reverb were recently paying $60-$80 for a set of 4 Gibson knobs new in the packaging, if you can even find them. There are still deals to be had but overall, now is definitely the time to be a seller in...
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    Does a natural, 12-year fading make the flame pop a little more? [solved]

    You said it yourself: You have a better camera now. Just look at a cell phone pic from an original iPhone or Droid and then look at a pic from the newest iterations, the change in the level of detail is significant.
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    Did Norlin Customs ever come with chrome hardware & cream?

    I agree, the cream plastics could have been original to that era, but unless it was a special order, it didn't leave the factory with them. Also, I don't think the pickguard is a factory Gibson pick card from that era either. That being said, it was an extremely popular mod in the 70s...
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    Creamtone Issues

    I never assumed that he made everything himself but I know he cuts his own pickguards and what not and I know that his products are awesome and cannot be beat for the price. I hope he gets his other issues sorted out though because he seems like a good guy but at the same time a lot of other...
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    Dave Mustaine Joins Gibson, Epiphone, Kramer

    I still think a copy of Kirk's 1989 LP Custom will happen one day... I just hope they make more than they did of the Flying V. I want to keep my black Custom stock but if I ever get a second one, it's getting black hardware and EMGs because Kirk was one of my first guitar heroes. But hey...
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    Keef confirms it was a Firebird VII on Satisfaction

    Nope, that was Jumpin' Jack Flash and Street Fighting Man.

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