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    Greco EGC600 or EGC1000?

    Not good pics at all, but in photo #2 it looks brown to me up by the nut. I'd take them at their word.
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    Charlie Starr-Wowed by a 1959 Gibson Les Paul "Burst": Vault Sessions (S3:Ep9)

    Thanks for sharing... love the kid who photobombs at 6:19... the next generation of burst fans haha
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    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    @buckwild Is this one English? If not, where does it hail from? It's perfect.
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    Read forum threads about replicas?
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    Still not working for me either.
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    WANTED: Les Paul 1954 Reissue (R4) Chambered Reissue / Cloud 9 / CR

    There was a flametop CR4 on Reverb the other day, but I’m sure you’ve seen it.
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    FS: 1963 Gibson ES-335 (Vintage)

    No doubt the guitar is rad, but that OG photo of the owner is incredible!
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    LF: My 1983 GoldBurst Custom

    Good luck, man! Cool looking guitar.
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    1983 Greco EGC 57-60...

    Metric – the posts are thicker than USA posts
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    SOLD: circa 1960's reflector knobs

    I've had these in my parts box for years, and I don't know exactly what they are. I've posted a bunch of closeup pics for reference. All four knobs are in good vintage condition. No cracked/stripped splines. $XX PP/shipped... either way they're way cooler looking than repros. No trades please...

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