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    The presidential debate

    Love that album
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    The video game thread.

    I knew you'd see the light eventually :thumb: If you ever get a desktop, try some games with a ultrawide monitor eventually - incredible experience!
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    "Always blue! Always blue!" (Silicon Valley tv show)

    Absolutely love it!
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    The video game thread.

    Yeah the value is pretty insane, I love it as well
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    The video game thread.

    Not at all, can't wait for the next gen Xbox X Xtreme Edition Xtra Power
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    The video game thread.

    The value proposition of Xbox this upcoming generation is pretty insane with Game Pass and their pricing/subscription model, even moreso with their purchase of Bethesda. They're gonna move a ton of Series X's/S's (their naming scheme is just awful though :laugh2:)
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    The video game thread.

    It's too be expected on release day, stock will get better and calm down
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    all the GC's in Washington and Oregon are closed?

    I went to my local GC last Friday and it was open and busy
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    Nikolai you big fakers!

    Gotta read that fine print! It fully functions* *while gravity assisted
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    Anyone know of a good YouTube to WAV converter?

    Not sure of the point of ripping into wav from YouTube, wav is a lossless format and anything uploaded to (and subsequently ripped from) YouTube is compressed. If you buy a medium Coke from McDonalds and pour it into a large cup, it's not a large Coke. It's still a medium. :thumb:
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    Now, You Too Can Be Depressed AF!!!

    Wait, people thought this was real? That's some of the worst photoshop I've seen :laugh2: Though it is MLP, most probably don't care either way - "Close enough, it'll do!" :thumb:
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    Now, You Too Can Be Depressed AF!!!

    I'd rock it
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    Dave Grohl is the shizzle!

    One of the best shows I ever attended was Them Crooked Vultures at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago
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    Democracy in action!

    I.. I can't..
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    Mars in 4K

    That was awesome, incredible shots! Space is fascinating

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