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    A new respect for vocalists

    Yup, it's the rhythmic guitar lines. What's happened to me is that I never used to sing any backups and then started more and more so the past year. Trying to add a vocal part over relatively complex guitar rhythm parts that I wrote previously has been a fun challenge :D Just takes practice!
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    A new respect for vocalists

    Singing well and consistently is damn hard, really glad I just do some backing vox now and again and not more :laugh2: Takes me long enough to get my playing and singing coordinated
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    San Diego Chargers released Phillip Rivers

    I've always liked Rivers a lot, reminded me of Favre with his attitude and love for the game (and gun slingin') People put wayyyyyyyy too much weight on Superbowl rings when comparing individual players
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    Agnesi Fired Again

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    Epiphone Unveils New Headstock Redesign for Inspired by Gibson Line

    Oh yeah, gonna have to snag me one of these.. Same, I'm gonna snag a black Custom later this year. Looks too good to pass up
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    "Daddy, beat him up." Classic comedy from a show that sadly could no longer exist.

    Agree to disagree, It's Always Sunny is a brilliantly written show :dunno: Would never describe it as "obscenity for the sake of obscenity"
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    "Daddy, beat him up." Classic comedy from a show that sadly could no longer exist.

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (and a ton of other shows I could list off) are incredibly offensive (WAY past MWC) and still have huge audiences and are beloved
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    Kobe Bryant Dead

    TMZ now reporting that one of his daughters was confirmed to be on the flight... I have no words "Kobe's daughter Gianna Maria -- aka GiGi -- was also on board the helicopter and died in the crash ... reps for Kobe tell TMZ Sports. She was 13. We're told they were on their way to the Mamba...
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    Kobe Bryant Dead

    ABC just reported that his 4 daughters were believed to be with him on the helicopter?! Aw fuck, please let that be bad information..
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    Kobe Bryant Dead

    His poor wife and 4 daughters... just devastating
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    Kobe Bryant Dead

    I'm not hit by most celebrity or athlete deaths but this one really hit me. He was/is a legend, this is absolutely terrible.
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    It’s become quiet around Fulltone

    I use a Fulltone Supa Trem 2 and an OCD, really like both.
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    "Daddy, beat him up." Classic comedy from a show that sadly could no longer exist.

    Could no longer exist? Have none of you watched Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Or countless other shows I could list? :laugh2: This clips are tame compared to sooooo many current shows lol
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    What are you doing tonight?

    Re-building and programming my board, picked up a used Boss ES-8 pedal switcher yesterday and I'm excited to get after it tonight. I've been using pedal switchers for a couple years ago (love them, makes gigs so much easier. Less tap-dancing/thinking and more rocking out). The previous...