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    NGD: 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s Goldtop

    I love the gold tops!!! Congrats!!!!
  2. RussG69

    NGD 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s Unburst

    SWEET!!!! Congrats. Your gonna love it!!
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    Recently Grabbed a 2019 60's Standard Bourbon Burst

    Beautiful top. Congrats!!!
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    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s - Heritage Cherry Sunburst

    SWEET!!!! And great pics as well. Congrats
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    NGD: Custom Shop Modern Standard

    Man that thing is purdy!!!! Congrats
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    NGD: Les Paul Standard 50s - Holy Hell!

    Congrats and beautiful top!!!! I also picked up an iced tea 60's and absolutely love it!!!
  7. RussG69

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 2019 60's (Unburst Finish/Flamey :)

    Congrats!!! Thats a real beauty!!
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    NGD Classic Premium Plus, Vintage Burst Black Back

    Sweet!!! Congrats!!!
  9. RussG69

    NGD: 2019 Original Collection Les Paul 60s Standard Unburst

    Congrats. That’s a sweet top.
  10. RussG69

    NGD - Part II It’s In My Hands Now

    Man that's sweet!!! Congrats!!!
  11. RussG69

    NGD: 2019 Les Paul Standard Seafoam green

    Very nice!! Congrats
  12. RussG69

    60’s LP Standard - Opinions Please!

    Good choice!!!
  13. RussG69

    NGD Standard 50’s

    Sweet LP!!! Congrats. Troy is great. I’ve talked to him on the phone a few times...

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