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    Is normal this documentación?

    Mucho trebaho poquito denero. Dos Dos Eqxxies por favor.
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    PICS added! NO Self Control (19' Standard Bourbon 60s)

    Sweet. Looks great and I am sure it will be wonderful. Love the kidney bean tuners if it did not have them I would add them.
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    New Gibson Gitfiddle day

    it is. here it is with its older cousin.
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    New Gibson Gitfiddle day

    New Gibson Les Paul Classic Cherry red. Outstanding in every way.
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    Gibson ES-235 '34 burst

    Perhaps your camera was sold to purchase this stellar guitar, your phone was stolen, you live on a desert island where teh interenets are slow, but photos or it did not happen.
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    Reissues value after a refret

    Less than the tires analogy it is more like replacing the factory wheels and tires. If the new ones are complementary then its fine, if they took off something factory and added pink painted wrong sized wheels then no. The beauty is in the eye of the buyer. R
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    Does this SG headstock stamp look right?

    Thought the same thing about the color on mine.
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    In The 'Nobody Asked For It But We're Going To Do It Anyway' Category

    Thank god you can strip off the nitro fairly easily and respray that any other color, including black. In fact spray it black first so you don't have to look at the green while you strip it. R
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    Does MLP still care about specs?

    Its not just a year to year thing, it seems to be a color batch to color batch thing as well. Some seem deeper and more defined then some look like a cheap can of krylon. R
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    NGD: 2017 R9 - might return it

    thing of beauty
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    NGD: 2017 R9 - might return it

    Two things I see right off the bat that I like. The burst is all the way around, not some new lazy burst like you see on the 18s. From the two photos the board looks great, and has character. HNGD R
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    Rosewood Species?

    someone must do it:
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    How to shine up VOS?

    Virtuoso, cleaner then polish. Remove hardware and clean as desired. Remember if your guitar is shiny then the hardware should be somewhat less dull as you care. Otherwise beat the crap out of it and make it your own relic. R
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    Strap materials for historics

    you need this as you have not mentioned weight These are from the guy that makes straps for Carlos Santana who has a bad shoulder. Also make straps for Dr. Billy Gibbons the right Reverend.
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    R8 Value with no case?