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    NGD: 2018 R9 Murphy Painted and Aged

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    A very cool new aged R9!

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    Joe-Brad Perford

    Very Nice St.
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    New Nicky Day, CC 24

    Outstanding Tom...:thumbs:
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    NGD R9 M2M BOTB Page 74

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    NGD : 2015 True Historic '59 Cherry Bomb

    "Very" nice Tom...
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    NGD:2015 True Historic '59 Darkburst

    All the TH disputation aside, that's a great looking guitar...
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    NGD- Gibson Les Paul 20th Anniversary Tom Murphy (2013)

    This is a nice run...I have one as's a great sounding guitar...yours?
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    R8 HM rds

    Update, with aged Lifton...
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    Photographing Historics - I need a 101

    I agree, great thread...:thumb:
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    Done! Hm bound

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    R8 HM rds

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    R8 HM rds

    Yeah Joe, I'm very happy with the result. I received it from Kim last Friday. Here are a few quick pics of the finished product...

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